Live Review: Fvded In The Park 2024 @ Holland Park, Surrey - July 6th 2024

Live Review: Fvded In The Park 2024 @ Holland Park, Surrey – July 6th 2024

Last night, Fvded In The Park’s second day saw Holland Park transformed into an electrifying hub of energy and music. Kx5 headlined the Pacific Stage, delivering a performance that left the audience spellbound and solidified the event as the premier EDM festival in Vancouver.

Fvded In The Park, traditionally a blend of hip hop and EDM, shifted its focus exclusively to electronic dance music this year. This change didn’t deter the fans; rather, it seemed to amplify their excitement. The festival drew the largest crowd in its history, with ravers from all over converging in Surrey, BC, to celebrate their love for EDM. The energy was palpable from the moment the gates opened.

Throughout the day, the festival grounds buzzed with activity. The sun was relentless, pushing temperatures to a scorching 33 degrees. Festival-goers took regular breaks between sets, seeking shade, hydrating, and recharging before diving back into the fray. The array of outfits was a visual feast—an explosion of color and creativity that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of rave culture.

The music kicked off early, with notable performances across various stages. Deathpact took over The Forest stage, captivating the audience with an epic mini light show and ambient noise devastation that was both hypnotic and intense. Forester had a unique day, performing at the Pacific Stage before stepping in at the Northwest Stage to cover for Aluna, who couldn’t make it due to flight delays. Chris Lake closed out the night at the Northwest Stage with a sweaty, high-energy set that had everyone dancing under the tent as a cool breeze finally swept in.

However, it was clear that the main event everyone was waiting for was Kx5. As the night progressed, the Pacific Stage area became increasingly packed. By the time Kx5 was ready to perform, the crowd was shoulder-to-shoulder for hundreds of feet in every direction, confirming that the festival has perhaps outgrown its current venue.

When Kx5 finally took the stage, they turned Holland Park into one colossal, electrified dance party. The duo, comprising renowned artists Kaskade and Deadmau5, brought their A-game to Vancouver. Their set was an unforgettable blend of intense beats and mesmerizing visuals. The light show they delivered lit up the entire city skyline, a fitting backdrop for the electrifying performance unfolding on stage.

Kx5’s history is steeped in the evolution of EDM. Kaskade, a pioneer in the genre, has been instrumental in bringing house music to mainstream audiences. Deadmau5, with his iconic mouse helmet and innovative soundscapes, has pushed the boundaries of electronic music. Together as Kx5, they have created a unique sound that merges their individual styles into something even more powerful.

The Pacific Stage was a sea of dancing bodies, with everyone completely immersed in the music. The pulsating lights, combined with the deep, throbbing bass, created an atmosphere that was both exhilarating and immersive. It was clear that Kx5 was feeding off the energy of the audience, their synergy palpable as they played hit after hit, each track met with roars of approval.

Earlier in the day, the crowd had been treated to an array of stellar performances. Deathpact’s light show and ambient sounds set the tone early, while Forester’s double-duty performances showcased their versatility and dedication. Chris Lake’s late-night set under the tent provided a perfect prelude to Kx5’s headline act, keeping the energy high and the audience engaged.

Blueprint, the team behind Fvded In The Park, deserves kudos for managing such a massive event smoothly. Despite the unprecedented turnout, they kept things running efficiently, ensuring everyone had a fantastic experience. The only question now is how they’ll handle the festival’s continued growth. This year’s record turnout suggests that a larger venue might be necessary to accommodate the ever-growing fanbase.

The night concluded with Kx5 delivering an epic, electrifying performance that left everyone buzzing with excitement. The intense light show, the pounding beats, and the sheer energy of their set were a testament to why Kx5 is at the top of the EDM world. As the festival-goers slowly dispersed, one thing was clear: Fvded In The Park has cemented its place as a must-attend event in the EDM calendar, and we can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Photos of Fvded In the Park © Jamie Taylor

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