Live Review: John Mellencamp @ Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver - March 13th 2023 © Tom Paille

Live Review: John Mellencamp @ Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver – March 13th 2023

Fans of John Mellencamp were treated to an incredible night of music on March 13th, 2023, at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, BC. From start to finish, the entire evening was a showcase of Mellencamp’s musical prowess and the incredible talent and musicianship of his band. The concert was a perfect blend of old and new, with the crowd responding excitedly to every song played throughout the night.

Mellencamp opened the show with “John Cockers,” a track off his 2019 album “Other People’s Stuff.” The song set the tone for the night, with Mellencamp’s powerful vocals and the band’s tight musicianship getting the fans fired up right from the start. From there, the band launched into “Paper in Fire” and “Minutes to Memories,” two classic tracks from their catalog that had the venue singing along from the first note.

One of the highlights of the night was “Small Town,” a song that has become an anthem for people living in rural areas all over North America. The concert goers sang every word of the song, and the well verse lead singer seemed to feed off their energy as he delivered a passionate performance.

Throughout the night, Mellencamp mixed in songs from his latest album with classic hits like “Jack & Diane,” “Rain on the Scarecrow,” and “Lonely Ol’ Night.” The crowd responded just as enthusiastically to the new material as they did to the classics, a testament to the enduring appeal of Mr. Mellencamp’s music.

John and his band also had some fun with the setlist, mixing in unexpected covers with their own songs. Seamlessly blending “Crumblin’ Down” with “Gloria,” getting the audienceto sing along with both songs as if they were one.

The encore was a high-energy affair, with Mellencamp and his band delivering three of their biggest hits: “Pink Houses,” “Chasing Rainbows,” and “Cherry Bomb.” The crowd was on its feet for the entire encore, dancing and singing along with every song.

One of the things that made the concert so special was the way Mellencamp connected with the crowd. He didn’t just play his songs; he shared stories and anecdotes between them, giving fans a glimpse into the inspiration behind some of his most beloved tracks. Mellencamp also took time to acknowledge his band, introducing each member and giving them a chance to shine throughout the night.

In the end, the concert was a truly special night for everyone who attended. The lead’s guttural vocals and the band’s exceptional musicianship combined to create a memorable performance.

As Mellencamp left the stage, the crowd cheered for an encore, not wanting the night to end. It was a nice end to a wonderful evening.

Thank you to the band and their crew for having us out.

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