Joji performing at UBC in Vancouver
Joji performing at UBC in Vancouver

Live Review: Joji @ UBC Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre – September 7th 2022

After openly speaking about his struggle with mental health, cancelling shows, and almost walking out of his set at Coachella due to neurological health issues – Joji is back on tour promoting his upcoming album Smithereens.

George Kusunoki Miller, professionally known as Joji, started his career as a Youtube sensation known as Filthy Frank. The artist has come a long way since his first video in 2011, he recently released his latest single Glimpse of Us, which immediately went viral across social media.

Despite rumours of Joji’s dislike for performing, the New York-based artist ran onto the stage with palpable energy and excitement while holding a video camera and asking Vancouver to match his energy.

The Slow Dancing in the Dark singer started his show performing Sanctuary, a song from the album Nectar, released in 2020. In between songs, the Australian/Japanese singer cracked one joke after another, ran out of stage to pee, received his McDonald’s order (a Filet-O-Fish to be specific), and used a launching machine to gift free T-shirts to the crowd.

The Soundcloud artist managed to make me (and the rest of the crowd) laugh, cry, and sing my lungs out until my voice cracked and my heart beat out of my chest.

The Harlem Shake creator has performed in Vancouver before, and I hope he does again because I plan on being in the front row. In the meantime, I look forward to hearing Smithereens and seeing how he evolves as a multi-faceted artist.

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