Live Review: Just For Laughs Vancouver presents Tim Dillon @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver – February 24th 2023

Live Review: Just For Laughs Vancouver presents Tim Dillon @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver – February 24th 2023

I had the pleasure of attending a standup comedy show headlined by American comedian Tim Dillon, a ever growing powerhouse in the comedy world and podcast scene. The show featured two opening acts, Los-Angeles native Andrew Michaan and Toronto-based Steph Tolev, who both had impressive sets and got the crowd warmed up for Dillon.

Michaan’s style was more traditional straight-man comedy, and he had some well thought-out jokes about being a vegan, looking like a beta male, and the premise of two virgins getting married. His delivery was purposeful and he showed great promise as a relatively young comic.

Tolev was a force of nature on stage, with a whirlwind of energy and a highly performative delivery. Her material was crass and dark, but also silly and irreverent. She had a great presence on stage and did a lot of self-deprecating jokes about her body, sexual encounters, and using dating apps. She reminded me of a female version of Bobby Lee blended with the movements of Chris Farley, and it was clear why she has become such a highly recommended comedian to see.

But the main event was, of course, Tim Dillon. Dillon has been gaining a lot of attention in the comedy world in recent years, thanks in part to his own popular podcast and his regular appearance on a number of other hit podcasts. His set was a blend of talking unabashedly about mostly American-based hot topic issues, with sprinkles of standard setup and punchline jokes.

Dillon’s humor often touched on taboo topics, but he approached them in a facetious way that never felt offensive. However, some members of the audience seemed to take his comments more seriously than he intended, and cheered for him in agreement with his points. This was not a problem for Dillon, as he walked that fine line between being a comedian and a political commentator, he pushed passed any of those maligning moments.

Overall, Dillon’s set was very funny and entertaining, but it felt like a bit of a mish-mash between a podcast host being funny into a mic and a stand-up comedian putting together a polished set. Dillon’s background as a former investment banker and his unique perspective on politics and culture give him a lot of material to work with, but it remains to be seen where his balance of humor and social commentary will evolve.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Tim Dillon’s podcast or his particular brand of humor, you’ll definitely enjoy his standup set. However, I’m not sure I’d recommend him to just anyone, as his humor can be quite edgy and he’s not afraid to take on controversial topics. That being said, he’s a comedian to watch, and I look forward to seeing where his career takes him.

Thanks to Just For Laughs Vancouver for having us out. Make sure to check them out to see which funny people they have queued up for our fair city.