Live Review: Key Glock @ The Bottom Lounge – April 22nd 2022

As his tour continues, Memphis native Key Glock makes his stop on his Yellow Tape Tour to a sold-out crowd in Chicago, and needless to say, the wait for him to come out was worth the wait. While fans wait inside the Bottom Lounge, one of those small venues where you’ll get the up-close experience with the artists was present when entering the venue. People packed inside patiently wait with his tour merchidense and their cell phones to capture when he comes out. Joining a small venue when dealing with the lighting wasn’t the best, but it was something to work with. 

Chitana/ Photo By Keeton Robinson

Usually, at hip hop concerts, a few artists will perform before the main act comes out. The first artist that came out was a Chicago native named Chitana. Many people weren’t familiar with his music, but the crowd was vibing to it.  His music was very chill and relaxing, with uptempo beats and soft lyrics. The crowd’s reaction to his music was pretty good, and him being from Chicago did help him. He also announced that he’s the artist from Chicago to be signed with Paper Route Empire. The next artist was another Paper Route Empire artist named Kenny Muney. As soon as he hit the stage, he had high energy, and the crowd showed that same energy. He performed four songs then it was time for the main act to come to the stage. 

Kenny Muney/ Photo By Keeton Robinson

A vibrating crowd welcomed Key Glock to the Bottom Lounge on Friday, April 22.  Rocking the stage, Mr. Glock conducted the room’s energy with a stacked set of crowd-pleasers. Complete with money cascades and flowing stage haze, the Tennessee rapper punched lyrics to an audience uproariously reciting them back. Key Glock’s entire performance had the building buzzing with a collective bounce. The crowd knew all of his songs and rapped them word for word while Glock kept rapping them. He performed songs from his older albums but mainly off the new album, Yellow Tape 2. During his performance, he made sure to play songs from Young Dolph. Dolph was a huge artist on Paper Route Empire and also Key Glock’s cousin who passed away last year from being shot and killed in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Any of his songs played, the fans felt every lyric and rapped them also. Overall his performance was good and the music to match the energy of the fans was there throughout the whole night.

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