larkin poe performing at the commodore ballroom in vancouver bc canada on february 3 2023 © Jamie Taylor

Live Review: Larkin Poe + Vista Kicks + Hail Maries @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver – February 3rd 2023

Vista Kicks, the opening act for the Larkin Poe concert, put on a noteworthy performance with the help of the band Hail Maries. The talented group showcased their musical abilities and impressed the audience with their smooth harmonies and upbeat sound. The collaboration with Hail Maries only added to the excitement of the night and helped set the stage for a memorable concert experience. The crowd was thoroughly entertained by Vista Kicks’ energetic performance and the band’s dynamic presence on stage. It was clear that they put in a lot of effort to make sure the audience was having a great time and it paid off with room full of smiling concert goers.

Vista Kicks performing at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on February 3rd 2023

Larkin Poe’s performance was nothing short of electrifying. The American roots rock duo, consisting of sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell, took the stage and had the audience captivated from the get-go. The night was a showcase of talented musicianship, passionate performances and an unforgettable musical experience.

Rebecca’s haunting vocals and Megan’s breathtaking slide guitar playing were the driving force behind the band’s sound. The sisters’ contrasting but complementary styles came together to create a powerful musical force that was impossible to ignore. Throughout the night, the onlookers were treated to a mix of original songs, including “Kick the Blues,” “Summertime Sunset,” and “Back Down South”, and a couple delightful covers in Link Wray’s “Rumble” and Son House’s “Preachin’ Blues”.

Larkin Poe performing at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on February 3rd 2023

The setlist was well-curated, featuring a mix of old tracks and new material. The audience was especially eager to hear tracks from the band’s latest album, including “She’s a Self Made Man,” “Mad as a Hatter,” and “Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues.” The crowd sang along and swayed to the bluesy and soulful sounds of Larkin Poe, with each song bringing a new level of energy and excitement to the room.

The crowd at the Commodore Ballroom was a good mix of ages, but it leaned more towards an older demographic. Nevertheless, the band’s high-energy performance and powerful music seemed to connect with people of all ages, and the audience was enthralled from start to finish. The Lovell sisters’ seamless integration of blues, rock, and country influences, as well as their exceptional musicianship, made for a night of live music that was truly unforgettable.

Larkin Poe performing at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on February 3rd 2023

Interactivity with the crowd was a standout aspect of the performance. Larkin Poe was engaging with the audience, making for a more intimate experience. Whether it was through a nod of the head, a smile or a touching comment, the sisters made sure everyone felt involved in the performance.

Larkin Poe’s performance at the Commodore Ballroom managed to blow me away. The Lovell sisters and their band brought their electrifying sound to life, delivering a powerful and unforgettable performance. The crowd was mesmerized by their soulful music, and the night left everyone feeling inspired and uplifted. Whether you’re a fan of blues, rock, country or just good music, Larkin Poe is a must-see live act that should not be missed.

Larkin Poe + Vista Kicks + Hail Maries photo gallery:

  1. I was at Larken Poe concert.
    Vista Kicks did not open the show. The photos that you show are not accurate!One sister was wearing a short skirt & the other something black. Though the concert was good, I did not like that you misrepresented the event.

  2. Hi Carol, it is possible that you were seeing a different set of images. There was an error in the code on this post that prevented us from opening the post. We resolved that error and looking at the images they are of the proper band. You can head over to their website at and see photographs of the band to confirm it is in fact the same music group.

    Maybe you can check now and see if the proper images are being displayed on your end.

  3. Hey Jamie
    I enjoyed your full and accurate review.
    Us older demographics know good music and that live, is the best kind!
    I felt the first 2 songs in the Vista Kicks/hail Mary set were a little soft, but then they found their groove and I was all in. Larkin Poe took command of the stage immediately and put the crowd in the place they needed to be at the rocking commodore.
    The drummer was a beast I could feel that base driving me.
    The sisters showed they are rock solid pro’s
    Can’t wait for them to come back and take the grand kids in a couple years when they are 19 hopefully at the commodore.
    Ps Larkin Poe soundtrack on a horror flic would be awesome.

  4. Larkin Poe were better than I would have thought and I had high expectations.

    Hope you can take your grandkids in a few years. That would be an amazing memory.

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