Musician Orville Peck at Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada on July 8th 2024 © Jamie Taylor

Live Review: Orville Peck + Goldie Boutilier @ Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre, Vancouver – July 8th 2024

Last night at Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre, Vancouver was treated to a mesmerizing performance by Orville Peck, a hometown hero returning to showcase his unique blend of country and alternative music. Known for his distinctive masked cowboy persona and rich baritone voice, Orville Peck delivered a set that captivated the audience from start to finish.

Opening the evening was Goldie Boutilier, a Canadian singer, songwriter, and model who charmed the audience with her upbeat, pop-infused set. Hailing from Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia, and now based in Los Angeles, Boutilier’s performance showcased her versatile vocals and playful stage presence. Accompanied by her talented guitarist, Erica Fox, whose name and previous performances with Devon Cole I’d caught back in 2023 added a familiar touch to the evening’s lineup.

Musician Goldie Boutilier at Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre, Vancouver – July 8th 2024

As the evening progressed, Orville Peck took the stage with an impressive array of songs that highlighted his storytelling prowess and musical diversity. From the haunting melodies of “Big Sky” to the anthemic “Turn to Hate,” each song resonated deeply with the audience, drawing them into Orville Peck’s world of poignant lyricism and evocative melodies.

Orville Peck, with his emotive stage presence and charming wit, immediately connected with the crowd. His performance was not just about the music but also about the personal touch he brought to every song. The simple yet effective stage setup featured a backdrop resembling a serene blue-clouded sky, complemented by warm blue and orange lighting that enhanced the intimate atmosphere of the venue.

His vocal prowess was on full display, effortlessly navigating from deep, resonant lows to soaring highs that echoed through the arena. Having once called Vancouver home, Orville Peck’s return was eagerly anticipated by fans who reveled in his heartfelt performance and genuine connection to the city.

Musician Orville Peck at Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre, Vancouver – July 8th 2024

The concert culminated in a powerful encore featuring fan favorites like “Let Me Drown” and “Bronco,” leaving the audience yearning for more as they cheered and applauded. The night was not just a concert but an experience that showcased Orville Peck’s artistry and connection to his roots, leaving an indelible mark on everyone present.

In a venue brimming with admiration and enthusiasm, Orville Peck proved why he stands out in the music industry today. His ability to blend nostalgia with contemporary flair, coupled with his genuine stage presence, ensures that his performances are not just musical events but transformative experiences. Vancouver eagerly awaits his return, eager to bask once again in the magic of Orville Peck’s music.

Photos Orville Peck + Goldie Boutilier @ Jamie Taylor

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