Live Review: Red Hot Chili Peppers @ Coastal Credit Union Music Park – June 26th 2024

The Red Hot Chili Peppers tend to go big.  Over the past few years they released two double albums back to back, Unlimited Love dropped in April 2022, and that was quickly followed by Return of the Dream Canteen six months later.  Following the releases, they embarked on massive 2022 and 2023 tour runs.  After all of that, it would be understandable for most bands to take some time to rest, regroup, and enjoy the accomplishment.  But the Chili Peppers are not most bands, and they have kept the party going, by extending Unlimited Love Tour into 2024.  We caught up with the band for an electrifying performance at the Coastal Credit Union Music Park in Raleigh, NC this past Wednesday, June 26th.

On a night when Raleigh was breaking heat records, topping out at 103 degrees, the Chili Peppers took the stage and blasted through a set that was a perfect mix of their classic hits and newer material, that threatened to literally melt the sold-out crowd.  The Peppers hit the ground running… After a bit of jamming, they locked into “Dani California,” followed by “The Zephyr Song,” and “Around the World,” before touching on new material from Unlimited Love.  The energy radiating from the stage was positively infectious.  Anthony Kiedis’ vocals were as strong as ever, delivering each song with power and passion.  Despite having one leg in what appeared to be an orthopedic boot, the frontman danced, sprinted and bounced his way all around that stage.  Never one to be outdone, Flea also prowled the stage while delivering funky basslines that were equal parts freewheeling and precise, while always complementing Chad Smith’s powerhouse drumming, which never failed to keep the rhythm tight and the momentum high.  The years of musical familiarity shown through, whether delivering the crowd favorite hits like “Soul to Squeeze,” “Scar Tissue,” and “Californication,” or wandering through lengthy instrumental jams.  While the songs and performance were the focus of the fired-up crowd, the top-notch production quality with vibrant visuals and dramatic lighting enhanced the overall experience.  But what really stood out was just how much John Frusciante adds to the band.  Not having toured with Red Hot Chili Peppers since 2007, Frusciante’s guitar playing was nothing short of mesmerizing, effortlessly blending funk, rock, and soulful melodies.  Often going head-to-head with Flea, Frusciante’s ability to lock into a groove and deliver innovative solos was greeted with thunderous applause from the crowd.  

Despite the Chili peppers taking fans through many of their classic hits, the evening never felt like it wandered into an alley of nostalgia.  It was more of a jam-laden testament to their enduring talent and charisma as a band. The Red Hot Chili Peppers left the ecstatic, sweat-soaked crowd with an unforgettable night of great music, positive vibes, and a reminder of why they remain a vital and iconic band after more than 40 years.

Check out our photos from the night:

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