Royel Otis @ The Pearl, Vancouver - May 21st 2024 © Jamie Taylor

Live Review: Royel Otis @ The Pearl, Vancouver – May 21st 2024

Last night, the intimate setting of The Pearl in Vancouver witnessed an extraordinary performance by the rising indie pop duo, Royel Otis. Comprising Royel Maddell and Otis Pavlovic, this Australian pair has been making waves with their catchy tunes and vibrant stage presence. Their debut in Vancouver was highly anticipated, and they certainly did not disappoint.

Royel Otis burst onto the scene with their 2021 EP “Campus” and have since been capturing hearts with their unique blend of dreamy pop and upbeat rock. Their live shows are known for their energy and connection with the audience, and last night’s performance was a testament to their growing reputation.

The night started with an unexpected and heartfelt moment. Shortly after the show began, a young woman in the audience experienced a seizure. The band immediately stopped playing, and both the audience and band members ensured she received the necessary medical attention. It was a touching moment that highlighted the community spirit of the night, with everyone rallying to support her.

Once the situation was under control, Royel Otis resumed their set with renewed vigor. From the first notes, it was clear that their live sound surpasses even their impeccably produced recordings. The energy they brought to the stage was infectious, transforming the venue into a sea of singing, dancing fans.

A significant portion of the setlist turned into a collective sing-along, a remarkable feat for a band performing in Vancouver for the first time. Songs like “Sofa King” and “Oysters in My Pocket” were particular highlights, with the audience belting out the lyrics in unison. The synergy between the band and the crowd was palpable, creating an atmosphere of shared joy and enthusiasm.

The band’s energetic performance peaked with their closing number, “Kool Aid,” which left the audience buzzing. However, the night was far from over. For the encore, Royel Otis treated fans to their now-famous cover of The Cranberries’ “Linger.” The rendition was nothing short of beautiful, capturing the essence of the original while infusing it with their own style. It was a standout moment that showcased their versatility and deep musicality.

Royel Otis’s stage presence and musicianship highlight their star potential. Their ability to engage and captivate the audience is a clear sign of their deserved meteoric rise in the music scene. Last night’s performance wasn’t just a concert; it was an experience that left a lasting impression on everyone present.

After the show, I had the chance to meet the duo and get them to sign the show poster. They were as charming off-stage as they were on, taking the time to chat with fans and express their gratitude. It was clear that their success hasn’t gone to their heads; they’re just two passionate musicians excited to share their art.

As they continue their tour, Royel Otis is set to return to Vancouver in October for another sold-out show at the Commodore Ballroom. Given the unforgettable experience they provided at The Pearl, it’s safe to say that their next performance will be eagerly awaited by many. Their rise to stardom is well-deserved, and Vancouver can’t wait to welcome them back.

Thanks to I Am The Eggplant for having us out.

Photos © Jamie Taylor

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