Live Review:  The Last Dinner Party + Miss Grit @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver - April 10th 2024 © Jimmy Jo Jeffries

Live Review:  The Last Dinner Party + Miss Grit @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – April 10th 2024

On Wednesday, at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC, I was treated to a musical extravaganza courtesy of The Last Dinner Party, a British indie rock band whose rise has been nothing short of meteoric since the debut of their first album, “Prelude to Ecstasy,” on February 2. Their journey from obscurity to the pinnacle of the music scene culminated in a performance that will be etched in my memory for a long time.

The night started with opening act Miss Grit, whose sonic beauty and visual artistry were beyond captivating. Margaret Dewey Sohn, hailing from Queens, New York, brought her unique electronic sound to the stage, creating an atmosphere that felt like a stadium show in an intimate setting. Her use of a projector at the foot of the stage, casting textures that enveloped both her and the stage itself, was visually stunning and added a layer of depth to her already mesmerizing performance. If you want to dive deeper into Miss Grit’s world, check her out here –

The Last Dinner Party continued this energy.

The band, consisting of Abigail Morris on vocals, Lizzie Mayland on vocals and guitar, Emily Roberts on lead guitar and mandolin, Georgia Davies on bass, and Aurora Nishevci on keyboards and vocals, along with the dynamic Rebekah Rayner on drums for live shows, took the stage with a level of energy and passion that was infectious.

Morris, with her cool and captivating stage presence, delivered vocals that ranged from powerful to hauntingly beautiful, reminiscent of the band’s diverse soundscapes. Mayland’s stoic poise and Roberts’ powerhouse guitar skills, including shredding on various instruments like the mandolin and flute, added layers of depth to the band’s performance. Davies’ fluidity on the bass and Nishevci’s bouncy tones on the keys, even swapping to a keytar for added flair, kept the musical journey lively and engaging.

Rayner’s aggressive drumming style brought a dynamic edge to the band’s live sound, showcased brilliantly in a solo that left the crowd cheering for more.

The setlist was a tapestry of emotions, weaving through tracks like the raw energy of “Burn Alive,” the introspective “The Feminine Urge,” and the haunting rendition of “Wicked Game,” which added new dimensions to the familiar tune.

As the night culminated in an encore featuring electrifying performances of “Godzilla?” and “My Lady of Mercy,” it was clear that The Last Dinner Party had transcended the ordinary and created a musical experience that resonated deeply with everyone in attendance.

The Last Dinner Party are one of those rare bands that when you see them, you just know they have big things in their future.

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