Live Review: Lords of Acid + Combichrist @ The Showbox – October 7th 2017

While the majority of us wait until Halloween to let our repressed darker selves come out for a night of debauchery, Lords of Acid and their dedicated fans choose to do so on a nightly basis. Letting go of societal norms of reserved sexuality and modesty.

This tour was no different, billed as the Sextreme Fest 2017 with the band requesting people show off their best fetish outfits. If that doesn’t sound appealing, the band’s doing just fine without your support. The Showbox was as packed as I’ve ever seen it and probably sweatier than I’ve ever felt it. The more conservative amongst you, which shows a level of masochism if you’re reading this, might be tempted to dismiss this kind of event as sinful and evil. Good, just ignore it, go about your lives and let people who choose to express themselves differently do so.

A Lords of Acid show is just too much fun to let the trepidations of someone else get in the way of enjoying yourself. Whether that be dancing the night away to pulsating rhythms or being dragged around with a leather leash and choker by your soulmate, as long as you are being true to yourself do what makes you happy. Based on the number of people who had their heads between their legs outside the venue and the smiles on the faces of everyone else leaving the show, I’d say Lords of Acid accomplished their goal.

A Combichrist show is fun, confrontational, offensive and singular at its core. Singer Andy LaPlegua is equal parts charisma and intimidating. Jumping and stalking around the stage with a confidence and intensity that captivates the audience and doesn’t let go. Then there’s Joe Letz aka Neutered Nancy for this tour, who’s a walking combination of unfiltered theatrics and a meth-induced fever dream. Yes, their shows are a fun time, never letting go, forcing the audience to jump around, making the entire room shake.

I know you’re itching to test your sexy something outfit out before Halloween, so get an extra night’s use out of it and go see this tour if it’s coming anywhere near you!

Lords of Acid


Christian Death

En Esch



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