Anthony Gonzalez of M83 @ The Vogue Theatre - October 24th 2016
Anthony Gonzalez of M83 @ The Vogue Theatre - October 24th 2016

Live Review: M83 + Tennyson @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – October 25th 2016

Tuesday night in Vancouver was just drab; rainy, cold, and dark.

Walking into the beautiful Vogue Theatre instantly washed away that all away.

Canadian brother and sister duo Tennyson started the night off with a moody landscape of ethereal auditory textures, lined with explosive drumming and bouncy board work.

The lighting was mysterious and intriguing, adding to the emotions of each song and forcing you to focus your senses on the music.

I was thoroughly impressed with this two-piece. They delivered a set that was equal parts impassioned and haunting.

The crowd dissipated for a bit, but quickly returned to secure their spots for the headliner.

Anthony Gonzalez and the rest of the French electronic rock band M83 appeared on the stage under a shroud of fog and pulsing back-lights.

With no prelude they started the night with Reunion off of 2011’s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. The stage lighted up with a kaleidoscope of palpitating strobes and light bars.

Mr. Gonzalez stood front and center with his black Fender in hand, and guided his band through the night.

Jordan Lawlor on lead guitar skulked around the left side of the stage. His mastery of his instrument made evident by his air of effortlessness.

Kaela Sinclair on keys and vocals, stood firmly at her post serving intricate key work and captivating lyrics.

M83 + Tennyson @ The Vogue Theatre - October 24th 2016

As the set rolled on the entire venue became a single dancing mob. A single entity fueled by the rhythmic music, and entranced by the hypnotic visuals.

Each song built upwards and on wards, driving the energy level higher.

Unit everything crescendoed as the band powered in and through their dramatic, symphonic rock track Outro. In that moment, I looked around at the smiling, sweaty faces in the crowd. It was near perfection.

This lead into a break, that then lead into the band returning for a three song encore.

As if nothing has stopped, the chaotic light show came back to life, and the band didn’t miss a beat.

M83 + Tennyson @ The Vogue Theatre - October 24th 2016

They ended the night with Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun from their 3rd studio album, 2005’s Before the Dawn Heals Us.

The ten minute ambient track slowed things down, and served as a farewell to the crowd.

I was in awe for most of the night. Completely engulfed in the passion and beauty delivered by M83.

Very few bands make it on the never-miss-the-chance-to-see-them list, but this band is one of them.

Don’t ever miss them if you can.

Missing them will leave you with regret, while seeing them might make you a better person.

Thank you to both bands for such a terrific night.

Don’t be strangers, come back really soon.

M83 Set list
Do It, Try It
Steve McQueen
We Own the Sky
Walkway Blues
OK Pal
Road Blaster
Bibi the Dog
Midnight City
Echoes of Mine

Laser Gun
Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun

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