Marianas Trench + Shawn Hook @ Abbotsford Centre – February 13th 2017

Marianas Trench + Shawn Hook @ Abbotsford Centre - February 13th 2017

The Marianas Trench and the Last Crusade tour came through Abbotsford centre and shook the rafter with swelling vocals and smiling faces.

Local boys, Marianas Trench, headlined the night and were preluded by Nelson, BC native singer-songwriter Shawn Hook.

Shawn walked onto the stage and sat at his piano, a sultry female-presenting figure lay before him on a rolling box. As Mr. Hook sang he reached his hand out and smiled at the shadowy figure. It was at that moment the lights around the mystery person drew brighter, revealing that it was, in fact, Josh Ramsay, lead singer of Marianas Trench, in a simple black dress. The audience roared with laughter.

Shawn’s set was powerful and minimalist. He put his voice out there and shared his emotional journey with you. I was humbled by his abilities.

He then left the stage and the audience took a few moments to prep themselves for the main course.

Marianas Trench then stormed the stage and turned it all on. They have matured into a try rock band. Josh and team are fantastic at keeping things fun and fast paced.

I was blown away by Mr. Ramsays vocal prowess. I mean, he just killed it throughout the night.

Abbotsford Centre was the perfect venue for this event. The acoustics filled the area perfectly, leaving things sounding crisp from the upper echelons to down in front.

I have held back from seeing Marianas Trench because I just didn’t click with their sound but they earned my respect and put on a beautiful performance.

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