Matthew Good @ Commodore Ballroom – February 16th 2017

Music, for me, is akin to looking back at an old, favourite photograph. Everything about that particular moment in time bubbles up to the surface. All the sights, smells, sounds, and recollections of people come to the forefront of one’s mind. This is exactly what happened at the Matthew Good concert.

It felt as though the crowd was collectively reminiscing of their earlier experiences with Matthew Good. Whether it was with Matthew Good Band (prior to their split in 2002) or Matthew Good himself, there is something about his music which allows old, fond memories to arise. As Matthew Good took us through his set list on his Beautiful Midnight Revisited tour Thursday night, memories from our “Matt Good Era” came flooding back. It was simply magical.

The concert began with solemn classical music, but as it hit the crescendo, it faded into a recording. This recording seemed to be that of a therapist speaking with Matthew Good about how he was doing. I understood this to be a nod to his struggles with mental health. Matthew Good dealt with anxiety and depression for years before he was eventually diagnosed with type 2 bipolar disorder (Toronto Star, March 9, 2009). In contrast to this unexpected introduction, Matthew Good stayed true to Beautiful Midnight and played the whole album from start to finish.

He started with “Giant” and then we heard the very recognisable beginnings of “Time Bomb”. To this, the crowd went wild and sang along with passionate enthusiasm. Then, the unassuming singer made yet another unexpected (but awesome) choice for the concert. Matthew Good walked down into the audience and ended up standing on someone’s table while singing “Let’s Get It On”. Through exuberant cheers and singing along to every song, it quickly became obvious how much love the crowd had for Matthew Good.

The highlight of the night had to be when Matthew Good returned for the encore. He played my favourite song, “Apparitions”. His voice, the instrumentals, the melody – I had shivers going up and down my spine.

The entire night filled me – and I’m sure many others – with wonderful memories of the past. Thank you, Mr. Good, for creating (and re-creating) the best reminiscing music anybody could ask for. Until next time.

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