Live Review: Matthew Good + Poesy @ Bella Concert Hall – March 21st 2019

Matthew Good + Poesy @ Bella Concert Hall – March 21st 2019

It was another sold-out show Thursday night at the beautiful Bella Concert Hall in Calgary featuring Headliner Matthew Good and Poesy. The evening started out with opening act Poesy who hails from Toronto, Ontario. Some might recognize Poesy from her time on the CTV show, The Launch. She stepped out in a beautiful gown looking like a Hollywood actress and her voice filled the room with power and intensity. It’s a true pleasure watching Poesy perform. Check Poesy out online as her music is definitely worth exploring further.

Matthew Good, just a man and his guitar, was up next and delivered an incredible acoustic set. Champion was the first song of the night and he played it in complete darkness. Only the music and Good’s voice filled the concert hall, eliminating all other sensory distractions. The effect was incredible and it set the tone for an intimate night of music and storytelling. It was Good’s first time at the Bella Concert Hall and he told the crowd it was probably the most beautiful space he has played in Calgary. Stunning both for architecture as well as acoustics. Part way through Good’s song and story set he was rudely interrupted by a heckler in the crowd. She was shouting song requests from her seat and said she didn’t want to hear his stories. She yelled for him to stop talking and sing. Needless to say this destroyed the intimate tone that had been set. The show continued, and the music was great, but from that point on Good ceased to interact with the crowd. I personally felt terrible for the obnoxious and disrespectful behavior displayed by this audience member. Many other concert goers that night felt the same way and posted supportive feedback and apologies to Matthew Good’s instagram. This was truly a case of one bad apple spoiling the bunch. Here’s hoping that the rest of the tour goes smoothly. Calgary is looking forward to catching Matthew Good next time he comes to town. Thank you!!

Matthew Good – Set List
Prime Time
Strange Days
Empty Road
Police Cars
Los Alamos
Time Bomb
Blue Skies

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