Miguel + Dorothy @ Commodore Ballroom – August 22nd 2015

Miguel Jontel Pimentel performing at Commodore Ballroom Vancouver

Write ups I had read about Miguel’s shows painted him as a legendary performer, but were they just fan driven propaganda over hyping a new, very sexualized artist? I was about to find out.

I waded through the droves of eager fans and found a spot near the front of the stage.

There I stood, watching the people around me enjoy cold beverages and talking about how excited they were.

The house lights dimmed and L.A. rockers Dorothy strutted on the stage.

Lead vocalist Dorothy Martin has this bad-ass swagger, it makes her a great focal point to watch as she buckles and sways to the songs.

Dorothy Martin of Dorothy @ Commodore Ballroom Vancouver

Dorothy Martin of Dorothy @ Commodore Ballroom Vancouver

The group seemed to love what they are doing, and that energy became contagious and spread through the crowd. By the time the set was winding down my mosh pit neighbours were clapping and head bobbing and bouncing in time.

I would love to see what this band does with a full set. They were really great at engaging with the audience, and displayed a good-time-having rock attitude that just makes people beg for more.

In between acts, I found my way over to the merch booth and ended up walking away with a couple of Miguel branded, bright red condoms. A great little keepsake.

I returned to the crowd and found my original spot.

Within a few minutes the stage went dark and a few members of the band stepped to their places.

The music was rapidly pulsing when Miguel came to the forefront.

He was aggressive and passionate and larger than life.

I watched in awe as he coursed through the set, pouring every bit of himself into the performance. It was an absolute pleasure to watch.

The visuals were equally astounding. The backdrop of the stage was an ever changing wall of vibrant colour and rich intricate graphics. Miguel worked around the space in a white leather-like jacket, with long fringe dangling from either arm. His bare, sweat-drenched torso underneath was constantly on display, adding to that sexuality he seems to drip over everything he touches. Eventually he lost the jacket altogether, and performed topless before the near full house.

Miguel Jontel Pimentel performing at Commodore Ballroom Vancouver

Miguel Jontel Pimentel performing at Commodore Ballroom Vancouver

By the end of the set I was completely sold on this “legendary performer” status.

Very few times in my life have I seen someone put on such a spellbinding and impassioned performance.

I had heard claims that Miguel delivered a Prince vibe, and that was very clear during his set. He also has a little 90’s D’Angelo mixed with a 70’s Robert Plant attitude, it makes for a great spectacle.

Miguel is a someone you need to see live. Whether you like his brand of R&B music or not, you must seek him out and experience him live.

To both Miguel and Dorothy I say thank you. It was a pleasure to take it all in.

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