Mitski @ The Biltmore Cabaret - April 7th 2017
Mitski @ The Biltmore Cabaret - April 7th 2017

Live Review: Mitski @ The Biltmore Cabaret – April 7th 2017

Japanese-American singer-songwriter Mitski Miyawaki, known anonymously as Mitski, played to a sold-out Biltmore Cabaret on Friday night.

Her fourth studio album Puberty 2, release back in mid-2016, has been garnering huge buzz in the industry.

Playful poetic vocals laid over instrumentals ranging from bubble-gum pop to grungy Nirvana’esque chop, she is doing something special and the people are starting to notice.

The show was dimly lit, it added a sort of basement-concert feel.

Mitski commented about how she liked being in a city with lots of people that looked like her, which stirred up the crowd into a boisterous warm welcome.

Watching and observing the performance, I was just swept away in her voice. It is completely hypnotizing.

A good portion of the audience sang along with every single song. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see the dedication she ignited in her fan base.

I squeezed around the venue trying to garner a better spot to snap some photos but it was just too packed.

The buzz around Mistki is well deserved. It reflects her hard work and ability to captivate her listener with truth and vulnerability.

The horizon is lined with big things for this one.

Check out a couple of her amazing songs.

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