Live Review: New Beat Fund @ The Troubadour – August 20th 2015

If you don’t like the guy or gal who says “well I knew the band back when…” go ahead and exit out because I’m that person when it comes to New Beat Fund. Following the band through playing local shows in San Pedro, CA then being signed to Red Bull Records, followed up with playing Warped Tour and now the band has finally headlined their first show at the Troubadour. If you missed this show then unfortunately you missed one hell of a performance. For those of you who don’t know New Beat Fund is a great “guac rock” band (as referred to by lead singer Paul) from Los Angeles, California. Playing music with a rock taste but 90’s feel this band promotes great vibes and fun times.

Fans formed a line that wrapped around the venue an hour before doors even opened. When doors opened at 8pm fans rushed to the front of the stage and as time went on the room went from a few rows to jam packed. Kicking off the show was a literal duo of brothers named “Little Wolves” who played an intense and sweaty set to fans who seemed to know every word and others who began to learn the lyrics. Some songs that seem to impress the crowd were “Lost My Mind” & “Cigarettes & Gemini’s”. What I enjoyed most about the set is the gentleman had deep lyrics, great talent demonstrated through their instruments and they never kept their music in the same pattern. Each song has a distinct beat, vocal height and “it factor” that leaves people intrigued. Next up was the also impressive Armors who caught my eye when their drummer/lead singer who drummed with such a hard style while standing and singing and never missed a beat. True talent. Following Armors was the headlining band New Beat Fund who entered like bright neon colors under a blacklight. With Silky and his pink hair, Jeff’s bright orange t-shirt wrapped around with caution tape, Paul’s striped shirt, and Shelby’s patterned shirt the band kicked off the show to their raving fans. Fans erupted with applause and cheer when Paul asked if we wanted a taste of their newly released album “Sponge Fingerz”. Some songs played from the album were “Sunday Funday”, “Boko Dozo” & “Sikka Takin’ The Hard Way”. This bands energy, positivity, and love will always go unmatched.

New Beat Fund:


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