The Offspring; Still Crazy

Dexter of The Offspring playing at The Vogue in Vancouver. picture by Jamie Taylor

The Vogue Theater played host to The Offspring on Wednesday evening. A revisit to the 90s post-punk pop from its hay day. Dexter and Noodles were all smiles, while they fueled the erupting volcano of fandom at their feet. It was a high energy, high impact night. It was the perfect revisit to a time from years past.

Walking up to the show it was clear the crowd was eager. With an hour until doors even opened their were near 300 people standing in line. Once inside the buzz of anticipation started to build slowly. Fans shouted excitement at one another. The area around the stage swelled with the truly dedicated. With minutes until the opening even started a mini mosh pit erupted, resulting in two theater seats being ripped apart; the torn cushions tossed aside.

Terrible Things was the opening act. Their style is some what reminiscent of the last two albums by The Offpsring themselves. A little bit of speed, a little bit of attitude and a lot of punk styled depth. The one thing going for this band is the interplay the members have with the horde before them. They are able to carrying conversations with the people without losing them. This in it self is a hard thing to accomplish. The music was a little lackluster and over polished. If you were to dig down and see the talent shining through each song, it was easy to see they have promise. They just didn’t have any hooks to keep you interested.

It was now time for Dexter and Co. to take the stage. With long slow strides they took their places before the venue. Without any hesitation they dove into their material. A smattering of old and new laid before the mob. Excitement bubbled over and the mosh pit exploded. The bodies of men in their late 30s glided across the outstretched fingers of their brethren pop punks. It was a reenactment of the original scene. It was a glorious time.

The band was on top of it, playing flawless and fun pieces. Everything was well orchestrated and came together perfectly. Noodles catered to the audience, smile and pointing to the cheering fans. Dexter was full of piss and vinegar vocally, but a little slow to the plate in the movement department. An obvious display of the years of stage shows plaguing his body. The all in all feel of the night was a reliving of yesteryear.

Everyone in attendance was having a blast and that is truly the best reason to be anywhere. A few times the happy go lucky attitude was shadows by an odd punch here and shove their, but the fanatical unit was overall content. The years have been kind to this group, and in return they play with humble happiness. There is not much more you could ask for from any band. The night was what it needed to be, and the paying customers left with sweat on their brow and grins from ear to ear.

Jamie Taylor

Photos by Jamie Taylor

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