Oh Wonder + LANY @ Commodore Ballroom – May 28th 2016

Oh Wonder @ Commodore Ballroom - May 28th 2016

I walked into The Fabulous Commodore Ballroom on Saturday night just as three-piece dreampop band LANY were in the middle of their first song.

Within the first few lyrics, lead singer Paul Klein was already on his knees, completely committing himself over to the music.

The catchy beats and tractor-beam hooks keep you dancing, while Paul works the stage and keeps you watching.

The band was having a lot of fun up there. They were entertaining, and kept it tight, musically.

LANY @ Commodore Ballroom - May 28th 2016

LANY @ Commodore Ballroom – May 28th 2016

The bans sophomore EP, Make Out, has been a fairly big hit. It will be interesting to see where this threesome ends up, they have a lot of potential.

The headliner, Oh Wonder, are a London-based alt-pop duo.

Their set was quite playful, and both leads, Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, were having a blast up on stage. That energy transferred seamlessly to the crowd, and the venue became a big dance party.

The stage setup was very minimal. Josephine and Anthony stood behind their respective keyboards, and their touring guitarist and drummer were housed in the backend of the stage. Outside of that, the only accoutrement was a 5 foot tall set of lets that read, O W.

All that open space forced the focus on to the music.

The whole set was sweaty and bouncy and left everyone wanting more.

Thanks to Oh Wonder and LANY for a great show. We hope they come back really soon.

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