Periphery + Animals As Leaders @ The Commodore Ballroom – November 28th 2017

Periphery at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on November 28th 2017

Astronoid was the opening band of the night. I had heard a few of their songs ahead of time but still had yet to fully discover them. The 5 piece band has beautifully clean vocals and music filled with plenty of layers; melody and harmony mixed with thrashing guitar riffs and driving cadence of rhythms. Astronoid describes themselves as being in a “Dream Thrash” genre. Their music was very unique, to say the least. Performance wise, the band was extremely organized and captivating.

Animals As Leaders were up next. A well known 3-piece instrumental progressive metal band, their music filled with notes of jazz fusion and djent. Although only a 3 piece band, they have the amazing ability to play music with a full sound bursting with excellent tone, cross-rhythms, and melodies. The stage was full of lights and smoke giving an almost psychedelic atmosphere. The band was fairly stationary but had no need to utilize the stage as the performance was captivating enough with the sheer talent these 3 possess.

And last but certainly not least was Periphery, opening with their classic song “Icarus Lives”, which had the crowd going insane. Playing mostly songs from the latest album: “Periphery III” and throwing older songs such as “Graveless”, “Mile Zero” and the epic “Omega” into the set. The performance was tight, seamless, and perfectly executed and in case you’ve never seen Periphery live; yes, Spencer Sotelo really does have an amazing vocal range. For their finale, they played the love ballad “Lune”. This song brings me such emotion and hearing it live was unbelievable. I could tell many others around me were feeling the same as my eyes were not the only ones damp in that sea of metalheads. Periphery did not play an encore but after “Lune” there was no need. A beautiful ending to an amazing show.

Photos © Lukas Holt \\ Holt Productions

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