Postdata; Intimate Perfection

Through the dim lights of the club sweet sounds did echo. A lineup of three bands, each perfectly matched to play along side one another. Starting the show was Clinton St. John, a solo performer with passion. Second to the stage was Julie Fader, who’s delicate voice enchanted the crowd. To cap off the show the amazing two piece that makeup Postdata, swooned the minor mass. On the whole the night was spectacular, stellar, and a heartfelt. It was the intimate type of show you hope to see, and so rarely get to partake in.

Entering the venue, the vocal stylings of Clinton St. John had the horde mesmerized. He stood before them with nothing but his guitar and driven sense of purpose. Each song was raw and beautiful. The subtle rasp to his tender yet powerful voice, made for a moving display. Only between songs did the people in attendance shuffle around to replenish their beverages. While he played, they devoted their undivided attention; something rarely seen these days.

Between the acts, those lucky enough to find themselves at the merchandise stand, were greeted by Paul Murphy. Not only does he make change and offer up humble conversation, he also fronts the headlining band; Postdata. Searching your eyes through the people in the club, you would also catch a glimpse of Tim D’eon; the other half of the same band. Together they are soft spoken and as friendly as they come. Another rarity in this industry.

Julie Fader then took to the stage. With her guitar in hand and her vocal chords prepped she quickly won over the audience. Her angelic sounds drifted through the Media Club as the people sank in and absorbed every note. On stage she was playful and shy, with a quirky banter between songs. During the last few songs of her set she was joined by Paul and Tim. The upbeat addition turned the stage into a four piece, and brought an amazing touch to the remains of the set.

Finally the main course took to the small stage. After a brief tuning and slight adjustment, they were off. The depth of their sound was subtle but intense. Pauls vocals were extremely intimate and delicate at times. The emotion in every word was extremely personal, and built a strong connection with every heartbeat in that crowd. Tim hunched over his keyboard and let the music take him over. His stealthy fingers ripped around the keys and brought a perfect tone to every song.

Seeing this band at such a small venue, made for the perfect night. For now this is just a side project, but you never know what will happen. On stage Paul has a certain geek-sheik sex appeal with the ladies. Combined with the amount of soul he puts into every breath he plays with, he definitely has a great hook. Throughout the show, the pair had a superb back and forth with each other. The intimacy of the night was amazing.

Rarely do people get the chance to experience great music being born. Really experiencing something in its infancy and watching it become something amazing. Although these two are not new to the scene, they did take a risk and put this music out there. They went from playing with their award winning band, to going back on the road from the ground up. Paul’s vocals were more emotional and everything had more of a personal feel to them. The crowd ate the performance up and were eager for more. Postdate are a group to watch out for, and everyone should be keeping them on their musical radar.

Happy Concerting

Jamie Taylor
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