Primus @ Malkin Bowl – September 14th 2015

Primus @ Malkin Bowl - September 14th 2015

There was a good chance of rain; thankfully the sun came out in the afternoon and made for great weather in gorgeous Stanley Park. The Malkin Bowl, based on the famous Hollywood Bowl, offered a picturesque setting for the quirky sounds of Primus. There were a lot more children than in the usual Primus crowd. which has been the trend with the Chocolate Factory tour.

The show began when Les Claypool, the legendary and incomparable bassist, started the song American Life, which was aborted after 15 seconds. “You know what?” said Les, “Let’s kick this sucker off,” and he began playing Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver instead. The gates to the show opened at 5:30, and the show started around 7:00. There was still a lot of empty space at the beginning but that quickly filled up after a couple songs. When the first set began, it was nearing dusk, and by the end it was dark and the stage lights took full affect.

During Over The Falls, Les sarcastically stated that, “It doesn‘t smell anything like marijuana in this facility…this is the least amount of marijuana I’ve ever smeIled…we don’t even have a smoke machine up here…unless Ler’s barbecuing ribs over on his side of the stage.” Percussionist Mike Dillon was also set to celebrate his birthday the following day, so there was talk of that. Claypool said, “Ler was going to play Happy Birthday, but Michael Jackson owns the copyright to that and fuck that guy.” Claypool’s birthday will fall on this coming Saturday.

With this performance happening on the last leg of the tour, there is hope that the band can bring something new to the table relatively soon, or at least bring out some more rare songs like they were doing on the 3D tour. During Oompa TV, a video segment shown on the stage‘s screen, showed an Oompa Loompa going to landmarks specific to the city they’re playing, and trying on a sports team jersey.

Returning to the stage, Primus busted out Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers. Duchess And The Proverbial Mind Spread and Here Come The Bastards featured the Fungi Ensemble, as with the second set of course.

On their recent flight from Edmonton to Vancouver, it was suggested to Tim and Ler and Brad to bring back The ‘Ol Diamond Back Sturgeon. Tim responded, “Yeah we never touch that one.”

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