Public Enemy; Old School Thrilla’

Classic rappers, Public Enemy, took the stage in great fashion last night at the Commodore Ballroom. Playing a high energy set of infamous past pieces and newer hits, it was a musical mastery. Chuck D and Flavor Flav were in amazing spirits and spitting fiery lyrics throughout the show. With a backing posse holding the background, the ambiance was something out of 80s rap memories.

Upon entering the musky corridor of the venue, the crowd was easily identifiable. Many of the fanatics, the old school PE lovers, were present. Men strutting around in velour Adidas outfits. Big booty hoes from decades past were now sporting cleavage that was longer due to the weathering of many years. The feeling inside was hype, and huge excitement. First major thing to notice was the length of the line to the bar. Constantly through out the night, it was a 12 person wait to get yourself a little Alize.

After the DJ prepped the crowd, dropping a few auditory bombs, the group rushed the stage. Chuck D with a mean swagger, leaned slowly up the center stage. Following close to him was the crazy Flavor Flav, with a brown towel covering his head. With no hesitation they launched the night. Pieces were immediate connecting with the massive mob before them. Bouncing like a solid unit to the beats of the DJ. Chuck D started spitting lyrics, and it was an immediate flash to the mid eighties. As if not a second had gone by, they performed with ferocity.

Mr.Flac has had much of his time in the lime light over the past few years. Gracing our tv screens with entertaining reality shows. It is no wonder as his on stage persona is over the top and immediately grabs your attention. Creeping around the platform like a crazed Tasmanian devil, launching around in jerky almost impossible movements. His collection of diamond encrusted jewels speckling his figure in the light of the stage. He is someone you must see live, as his connection with the crowd is a back and forth feeding. The fans before him are what fuel his reaction, every group must fuel a variation in his style.

Chuck D still has a lot of fight in his method. When he hits the mic his voice is surreal, something almost chilling about it. Its easy to see why most musicians would kill to work with him, his style is classic and simple yet never old. During the entire set he was leaping around to the beat, like a mad man. He was a man possessed and brought an amazing night to our city.

The entirety of the performance was amazing. It was almost like a once in a lifetime opportunity, like something you might not see again was happening. Their performance was a reincarnation of their initial times in front of a crowd. They played old hits and new licks, but blended them in a seamless manner. All present thoroughly enjoyed the show, some a little too much. The happy mass filtered into the rain streets. Another great night under their belts, thanks to the insanity that is Public Enemy.

Happy Concerting,

Jamie Taylor

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