Pup + Pkew Pkew Pkew @ Wise Hall Lounge – March 29th 2019

Tonights show had been highly anticipated since the initial announcement a few months ago. Within seconds of going on sale, the tickets had sold out and was officially the fastest selling Pup show to date. With that being said, you can imagine the energy of the fans inside the small 250 person capacity venue.

It seemed to be a Toronto punk frenzy, with Pkew Pkew Pkew as main support and even having people singing along to some of their chanty songs such as ‘Before We Go Out Drinking’. The crowd had clearly had a few drinks before coming to the show, fully riled up for the night.

Before Pup took to the stage, the audience had become so excited that they started three separate chants calling their name. The fans were eager and ready for absolute mayhem, with no barrier between the stage and the crowd.

As the Canadians walked on, the venue erupted with cheer and left the members beaming with smiles before striking the first chord. They opened with their latest track ‘Free At Last‘, featured on the new album ‘Morbid Stuff’, which had recently been covered by fans all over the globe, with nothing but a chord chart and lyrics for them to interpret before releasing the full version of the track.

In between songs frontman and guitarist Stefan Babcock addressed the show as being very special and one that “reminds them why they do what they do in the first place” as they usually play much larger venues. The positivity and cheerful vibes of their upbeat songs was electrifying. People were stage diving left, right and centre with not a care in the world.

Their other guitarist Steve Sladkowski also made a short speech between songs highlighting the fact they were supporting local charities throughout their tour in each city and asked the audience to donate their “positive vibes into the donation box” which was for the Urban Native Youth Association based in East Vancouver.

A particular highlight towards the end of the show was when the band decided to put their faith in the hardcore fans by doing “Pup Karaoke” whereby one person from the crowd would sing ‘Reservoir’ from their self titled 2013 album. Stefan instantly spotted a highly enthusiastic fan frantically waving to be picked. The lucky person was Seth and he pulled it off flawlessly.

Canadian punk rock band Pup performing at the Wise Hall Lounge in Vancouver, BC on March 29th 2019

This show was truly as unique as the band had made out and will hopefully be one of many more intimate Pup shows to come!


  1. Free at Last
  2. My Life Is Over and I Couldn’t Be Happier
  3. Guilt Trip
  4. Dark Days
  5. Sibling Rivalry
  6. Morbid Stuff
  7. Kids
  8. Scorpion Hill
  9. Sleep in the Heat
  10. Reservoir (Pup Karaoke with Seth from the crowd)
  11. Familiar Patterns
  12. If This Doesn’t Kill You, I Will
  13. DVP


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