Live Review: Quicksand + glassjaw @ The Showbox – July 15th 2018

We’re sinking so let it the fuck out

Here’s a shocking moment, I photographed another hard rock show! Today I bring you the photos from the legendary Quicksand. This band was born from the New York Hardcore scene and features NYHC legend Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today and Sergio Vega of Metal icons Deftones. Quicksand has always felt like an outlet for Schreifels more nuanced songwriting sensibilities, allowing him to shine through in a way that retains the bite of hardcore without being strangled by the formula. The result after nearly three decades is impressive and raw, grabbing audiences by the cerebral throat and never letting go.

Scream it like you mean it

The second half of this co-headline one-two punch is glassjaw, bringing their raw, emotions on the sleeve brand of rock. Lead singer Daryl Palumbo’s crooning, yet in your face vocal style is captivating live. His energy’s complemented by an amazing band of musicians who rely on equal parts talent, poise and sonic pummeling. A highlight of the night was when the band played the haunting ‘strange hours’ from Material Control, with its constant, repetitive bass line and creeping guitars accented by Palumbo’s voice.

Ethereal and sludgey

I always try to make it to a show in time for as many opening bands as possible, which has lead to countless sets of boring, recycled riffs and thoughts of ‘Did I turn the oven off?’. This night was in the opposing camp of ‘Holy shit, this band’s amazing!’. Their sound can be described as the best soundtrack to a nightmare that turns into a revelation. Equal parts haunting and beautiful, with a raw energy and some amazing build-ups, which reward the listener with a sonic assault of the buzzy low-end variety. The music is dense and layered, forcing the listener to go along for the ride in the best possible way. For the love of all that is good, check out this band as soon as possible!




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