Chvrches +  XXYYXX @ The Commodore Ballroom - September
Chvrches © Jamie Taylor

Chvrches + XXYYXX @ The Commodore Ballroom – September 5th 2013

Thunder and lightning couldn’t stop the masses from lining up for CHVRCHES outside the Commodore Ballroom. Of course the doors opening an hour later than projected did start to cause some restlessness- apparently there had been some border crossing issues that caused the band and their opener to not arrive until 9:45.

Inside the crowd spanned ages 19 through to the over 40 crowd– undoubtedly some original 80’s synth music lovers- and some definite Scottish music supporters. It would be unfair to suggest that the older people went for the balcony and the raised tables on the sides while the young hipsters flooded the stage- it would be unfair but it was true.

Although I didn’t know much about the opener XXYYXX (Marcel Everett) I was excited to see and hear the seventeen year old from Orlando Florida. Unfortunately for him it took a while for the crowd to get into his music- which I believe had way more to do with the fact that there were two roadies still having to set up the stage for the Chvrches while he was performing. Two thirds of the way through his set the crowd was as into it as they could be with fist pumps, head bobs, hips swaying- and dare I say a few foot taps. But a guitar was still being tuned. Damn border security.

11 o’clock and the crowd erupts as Martin Doherty, Lauren Mayberry and Iain Cook (otherwise known as Chvrches) take the stage with “We Sink”. It is easy to hear and see why the band has risen in the new synth music scene. They have an awesome sound and play energetically despite a ridiculously long drive from down south. The vocals took a few songs to be set properly and perhaps for Martin they were never set as well as they could have. The band and its roadies did an awesome job setting up stage and putting on a show despite not arriving until 9:45.

Chvrches songs are interesting to say the least. I mean there is the synth 80’s feel of wanting to be dancing and to be filled with excitement and energy but then if you listen to the lyrics of some of the song you understand an emotional side to the song. The crowd eagerly anticipated each next song. The eleventh song had Lauren backing up Martin on vocals- his energetic style and intense dancing pleased the crowd and took away from his vocals not being quite set as well as I have heard before. When Lauren announced after the song that the next would be their last I was positive that it would only be their last until a two or three set encore. But then I heard the start to their twelfth song, “The Mother We Share”, which I knew was often the last song they played. It didn’t seem as though anyone was disappointed with the show, it seemed that everyone felt it was worth the wait- but less than an hour since they hit the stage and they were now disappearing without an encore.

CHVRCHES set list
We Sink
Now is Not The Time
Night Sky
Strong Hand
Science and Vision
The Mother We Share



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