heffron drive

Live Review: Heffron Drive @ House of Blues Anaheim – September 29th 2014

It was a semi-early start for a show on a Monday night; the crowd had begun to fill up the venue. Pop! Fiction started things off with some slow, melodic tunes, and everyone eventually started getting into it as the set melded into a more dancy vibe. They played a bunch of good time music and finished off their set with their hit “Come Back.”

As the House of Blues began to set up for the next set, more fans filed into the pit. They were obviously jazzed up from the first band and the buzz of excitement was permeating every conversation in the room.

Next up was Mike Tompkins, an acapella dj/producer/artist who’s every sound in his music was created with his mouth/voice. It was pretty impressive to see him do everything and remix songs right in front of us… and not only did he do all of this, but he actually sang in some songs and had a synced video playing behind him. Mike had such great energy and enthusiasm that everyone couldn’t help but move to the music.

Heffron Drive didn’t keep their fans waiting long. With their velvet voices and smooth moves, Dustin Belt and Kendall Schmidt know how to get a crowd going. They flew right into their first song before the curtain could even finish opening- and the audience immediately fell into singing every word. You could literally feel the tentacles of excitement snaking out towards the artists on the stage as the music wrapped itself around the room. Everyone fed off each others energy, which also fueled Dustin’s and Kendall’s. I had been waiting their whole set, and kind of had a feeling that they’d finish off with “Parallel,” which is probably my favorite song by them, and of course they did, which rounded off the night. Since their set was a perfect balance between dancy and melodic songs, I and probably many others left feeling good with a night was complete.

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