Jon Lajoie at The Vogue Theatre

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect at The Vogue Theatre when I got my ticket to go see Jon Lajoie live and as it was a “general admission” event. Typically stand up comedy shows at The Vogue had assigned seating but that was not the case. Everyone was sitting down, but it was more of a free for all atmosphere to get a good seat. My pre event festivities had me arriving about an hour after the doors opened so I watched the show from up in the balcony. But if you have ever been in the Vogue, you know there is not a bad seat in the house.

The crowd was warmed up by a great set by local (Abbotsford is local right?) comedian Sunee Dhaliwal. His bits on the fact that height does not correspond with fighting ability, the troubles of meeting women at clubs and of course the difficulty of bringing a girl home after a night out when you live in Abbotsford, were clever and relatable. Sunee also came up with a genius term for the group of girls at the club who stand in a circle together – The Ho Huddle!
After Sunee got the crowd going it was time for the main act, Jon Lajoie. The YouTube sensation himself. The scene stealing star of the FX series The League. As I have in the past, I will review this performance in more of a point form method. This is simply because it is next to impossible to review jokes without either butchering them or ruining the punch line for when you go to see his show in the future. On that note here we:

  • The show played out as Jon’s life story told through jokes, stories and songs. Starting from the first song he wrote as an infant and taking it to lovely songs he has performed on The League.
  • MC Vagina opened the show after a short video intro and he got the crowd amped up with his smash hit single (and name of the tour) “I Kill People”
  • There were several video elements to the performance but it was marred by technical difficulties throughout the show.
  • Jon performed a song that gave out all the secrets of how the pop music industry works.
  • The WTF Collective got an acoustic treatment and then the crowd was treated to the debut of the WTF Collective 3 video.
  • Jon had a few jokes that had he said were his favorite, where not too many people laughed but they would just remark “What the fuck did he just say?”
  • After a brief musical number by The Everyday Normal Guy, Jon showed one of his random skills by tossing a self made paper air plane all the way up to the balcony of The Vogue.
  • MC Vagina delighted the crowd one last time with a performance of “Show Me Your Genitals” accompanied by some sweet dance moves to end the show.

I have been a Jon Lajoie fan for a few years now. I’ve seen the videos on YouTube. I’ve laughed my ass off to the commercials for his Sex Criminals Clothing line. I just recently got into watching The League and I can see why whenever he referenced the show it got a huge ovation. Like I said, I didn’t know what to expect with the general admission ticket but I did know what to expect with Jon and I got exactly that: I laughed through the entire show and I can’t wait for him to come back to Vancouver

Photos of Jon Lajoie © Jamie Taylor

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