LMFAO at Pacific Coliseum


LMFAO had one of the biggest rises to pop fame in 2011. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Party Rock Anthem. It was atop charts all over the world, on heavy rotation on the radio, a nightly staple for most club DJ’s. Hell they shared the stage with Madonna during the Super Bowl halftime show. With this type of ride to fame you are expected as an artist to tour almost constantly. Unfortunately for LMFAO, the touring and all the ‘shufflin’ caught up to Sky Blu of LMFAO and he was not able to take part on the rest of their tour due to injury. This meant that Red Foo had to carry the show here in Vancouver at Pacific Coliseum. I wansn’t sure what to expect on this night but I knew I was in for a party.

The crowd was warmed up by a high energy set from Far East Movement and as the night moved closer to 9 it became clear that the people wanted to Party Rock. When the house lights dropped the mostly under-17 crowd erupted. One man emerged to the front of the stage as the track “Rock The Beat II” played. Red Foo came out to an even louder level of screaming. As dozens of glow sticks were tossed into the audience Foo got the everyone to show some love to Sky Blu over his back injury. Then after we gave some love to Sky the party rock band broke into “Sorry for Party Rocking”.

Even without his partner in crime, Red Foo still gave the arena a high energy show. He was joined on stage by a drummer, a guitar player and at least 5 dancers . He had wardrobe changes, the dance moves and all the jokes with the crowd that a leader needs. With two albums of dance hits to draw from there was no shortage of songs to party to. Foo even strapped on a keytar to play Lalala. I was blind sided by this move but damn was it good.

As the night drew to a close the crew on stage left, but considering they didn’t play their three most recent singles, I had a feeling the show was not over. The dancers came back out and formed a circle and battled to a slightly different version of Party Rock Anthem. Not a single person (even chaperones) was in their seat for this. They then blared into the single Champagne Showers and got their Steve Aoki on as they sprayed bottles of champagne into the crowd. Red Foo left the stage yet again after this but once again I knew this wasn’t the end. He once again emerged in a different outfit and the beat came on for Sexy & I Know It and yet again sent an eruptive roar through the crowd. Doing his best to recreate the hilarious antics from the music video, Red Foo and the dancers ripped their pants off to reveal banana hammocks.

One of LMFAO’s lyrics says ‘everyday I see my dreams’. Nearly selling out a hockey venue in Vancouver may not have been one of the dreams Red Foo and Sky Blu had in mind but it is a dream for many Canadian acts. Despite only being half of the group this LMFAO show was just as high energy as I had expected. In some cases when fans go to see a duo live and one member isn’t there it ends in disappointment not on this night. Red Foo put on the show we all wanted to see, on his own. Now I am excited to see the them on their next visit to Vancouver to get the full tilt show.

Photos © Jamie Taylor

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