Margaret Cho with Selena Luna at The Centre in Vancouver

Last night I was walking towards The Centre, in Vancouver, with an eager grin on my face. Margaret Cho was set to headline the night and she is one comedian who has intrigued me for years.

As I got into the venue, I was struck by how diverse the crowd was. It was an eclectic group, from the nineteen year old college kid attending with his parents to the cute old woman who has been dragged by her adult children to brighten her day. It was great to see such a vast group of people all out in one place for one common goal; to laugh.

Opening the night was Selena Luna, from Tijuana, Mexico. This woman was feisty. Her take-no-shit saucy attitude really got the audiences attention within the first minute of her set. One thing you need to know is that Ms. Luna is a little person, but don’t let her size fool you, she is a Doberman on that stage. She took the group through an intimate look into her life, jumping into areas like her sex life, and her love for smoking weed. Her style was aggressive but she still came across real and down to earth. She gets 4 out of 5 and is definitely someone you need to experience. Here is a little video of her (not from last night) to give you a taste:

After Selena finished her set she introduced her good friend Margaret Cho. Ms. Cho walked out in her all black outfit, looking very petite. Looking at her, you would never guess that she was in her early forties, she is very pretty.

Margaret Cho spent about one solid hour on that stage, and the majority of the time I was laughing so hard I thought I would pee. At one point she was showing off some of her tattoos. She pulled down her pants to show a turquoise thong and two large faces, one on each butt cheek. Ms. Cho then started to vigorously shake her posterior, making it look like the tattoos were having a conversation with her ‘ass hole’, as she so eloquently put it.

The set was very personal and a bit reflective. Cho spoke about how she recently had become pregnant with the child of a member of The Psychedelic Furs, which ended in her having an abortion. She delved into her love of the homosexuals, resulting in her being a well-known ‘fag hag’. Throughout the night she spoke about her love for drugs and booze, her battles with an eating disorder, and her Korean upbringing. She explored some very intimate details about her life, and added her unique style of humor to each piece.

Below is a video I found on youtube which is quite funny, it is not from last night, in fact it is not even from this year, enjoy:

After last night, my respect for Margaret Cho has grown exponentially. She was beyond funny. She was real, and bared her soul. A lot of what she does isn’t pre-planned jokes, but an exploration of her self with a light-hearted touch. Margaret is definitely one of the greats, and I just want to thank her for such an amazing evening.

Now I have to go and ice my cheeks, as they are still intensely sore from laughing so hard last night.

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