Matthew Good at The Vogue Theatre

On Friday night, I found myself bundled up, battling through the cold night air. It was not some outrageously low temperature but it was colder than usual and it seemed to freeze me to my core.

I walked up to the glowing lights of the Vogue Theatre, and stood in queue. Within a few minutes I felt the warm rush of the venues heaters wash over my body. It was time to work my way down to my seat and take in some musical magic.

First up on the docket was local boy numero uno, known as Daniel Wesley. Right off the bat, it was clear that the accompanying musicians were more hired guns. In the half a dozen or so times I have had the pleasure of seeing this band live, they have gone through a bevy of talent. The crowd was very laid back, and seemed to sit back in their seats with little to no reaction of the performance going on before them.

Although I find myself starting to no longer enjoy their music. Daniel Wesley and company put on a decent set. The mix was solid, the vocals were crisp and Wesley seemed to enjoy himself. So overall they get a not-to-bad stamp of begrudging approval.

With a quick break, a run to the loo and some topping off of my beverage, it was time to head back to the theatre area and once again take my seat.

The lights extinguished. In the calm of the complete darkness, footsteps could be heard traipsing across the stage. I squinted through the blackness, and made out five shadowy figures. Two house lamps on either side of the stage were lit. Bringing just enough light to give a cozy embrace.

The group delved into the set with some serious energy. Starting the night off with While We Were Hunting Rabbits. The audience started to stand up from their seats and, swaying and clapping to the songs.

It seems that the group of serious fans, much like the artist himself, has aged suddenly. I looked around the room to see many sporting silver specked manes. I felt a bit taken back by this, because these people were not older than myself. Some serious life contemplation was taking place in my mind.

Matthew was very powerful during the performance. His vocals shot across the mob with some ferocity and serious attitude. The new material, off of Lights of Endangered Species (2011), seemed to have mixed reception. While the ever so popular back catalog sparked sing-a-longs, the newer pieces seemed to leave the audience looking a bit disconnected. That is except for the dozen die hard’s in the front row who were just completely enthralled.

The set list was nothing great, but it did cover all the important bases. Take a gander:

While We Were Hunting Rabbits
Lights of Endangered Species
Last Parade
Born Losers
What If I Can’t See The Stars Mildred?
Zero Orchestra
Shallow’s Low
The Future Is X-Rated
Load Me Up
Non Populus
Running For Home

Hello Time Bomb
Alert Status Red
Set Me On Fire

Overall, the night was a real success. Matt Good and Daniel Wesley put on stellar performances. I was truly impressed with both artists. It was nice to a see a show featuring two good ol’ local boys. I just want to say kudos to both bands on jobs well done.

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