Live Review: My Nasty Valentine Featuring Bob Saget @ The Centre – February 15th 2013

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I really like the Vancouver Comedy & Arts Fest. It is a perfect little comedic escape during the year.

On Friday, February 15th, I went to the Centre in Vancouver to take in some dirty comedy from the master himself, Bob Saget.

Mr. Full House was playing host to a night call ‘My Nasty Valentine’, which showcased 7 comedic acts, each one catering to our darker sense of humour.

The line-up was comprised of Bob Saget, obviously, Brendon Walsh, Sam Morril, Toby Hargrave, Patrick Maliha, Sophie Buddle and The Wet Spots.

Going into the show, I was expecting it to be rude, crude and full of dick jokes.

Bob came out, to a near standing ovation, and started the night off with a great set. He went over some of the things that everyone knows him for; Full House, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Dave Coulier & John Stamos. Each subject highlighted by a twist from his sick mind. I just have to say, from this piece of the night alone, I love this man. Anyone that can say diarrhea that many times in a night, and still keep it funny, is a hero in my books.

Since recapping a comedy show, is rather difficult, because I don’t want to ruin the punchline of anyone’s jokes, I will rank the non-Saget acts, and feature a video of theirs for reference.

brendon walsh

1 – Brendon Walsh

– His down-to-earth style, and intricate story lines left me captivated. Cell phone capers, anyone?

40th bday

2 – Toby Hargrave

– This Canadian boy is a smart comedian and a snappy dresser.

sophie buddle

3 – Sophie Buddle

– Another Canadian and another smart comedian, but this one is cute, and she has a vagina. (Couldn’t find a video of her stand-up so here is a a clip of the original Care Bear’s tv show)

Patrick Maliha

4 – Patrick Maliha

– An impressionist with attitude. How can you beat an auditory exploration of a threesome between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Cosby and Bane, from The Dark Knight?

Sam Morril

5 – Sam Morril

– He is an every-man comedian, with a dark side.

The Wet Spots

6 – The Wet Spots

– I usually don’t like musical comedy acts, this was no exception, but I will give them an A for originality.

So that is that, the show was fun. This was way, way, way better than then Opening Night Gala with Martin Short. Bob Saget and the other comedians, kicked my funny-bones ass and I thank them for that.

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