Steel Panther @ Commodore Ballroom – January 12th 2012


On Thursday night, I was knee-deep in the vulgar, awesomeness that is Steel Panther. Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxxx and Stix Zadinia, were rude, crude and above all else, larger than life. It was a perfect set.

When I first entered the venue, I noticed that most of the fans in attendance were in costume. Spandex pants, big hair/mullet wigs and denim, lots and lots of denim. Attending a Steel Panther show is like being transported back to the 80’s. And it is not just some stage show of nostalgia, the crowd is so enthralled that you truly feel the coke-fueled, whore-lined sentiment that used to make concert going a magic experience.

Michael Starr is the embodiment of every major rock star between 1980 and 1987. He walks on the stage with his golden locks and tattered denim vest, with a sense of entitlement that would put Vince Neil to shame. Satchel will contort his face in unison to every note ringing from his axe. Lexxi Foxxx works his Adonis persona better than any other. The last touch of vainly checking his reflection in a jewel-studded mirror, is humorous, but still not far off from bands of yesteryear. Then you have the quiet and cool Stix Zadinia, sitting behind his drum kit with a grin, raising the occasional middle finger to let you know he is just badass enough. The over acting and the intensity, just adds to the mystic and makes it all the more real. Steel Panther is fucking cool.

It wouldn’t be a rock show, unless some drunken, trashy woman, with stretch marks and deflating tits, climbed up before the crowd and stumbled around trying to shake her ass, while stripping to some crunchy power chords. The finale always being the hilarious display as they struggle to pull their ever-too-tight shirt over their bras, to grace us with a view of their chest puppies. Since this was definitely a rock show, and there were a ton of eager breast-showing participants, we were blessed with several stops throughout the night where music became second and boobie staring a strong first.

The night was dotted with songs from the new album, Balls Out. Most notably was the first song of the night Supersonic Sex Machine, which really got everyone off on the right foot. Take a closer look at the entire set list:

Set List
Supersonic Sex Machine
Tomorrow Night
Asian Hookers
Gold Digging Whore
Turn Out The Lights
Community Property
It Won’t Suck Itself
Fat Girl
Just Like Tiger Woods
Weenie Ride
Eyes Of A Panther
17 Girls In A Row
Death To All But Metal

By the end of the night, I was once again completely in love with this group. I have seen them many times, and will surely see them many more. Anytime Steel Panther takes time to come to Vancouver, I will take time to see them kick the shit out of the Commodore Ballroom. If you strip away that they come from a parodic take on Glam Music, they are still completely different and completely amazing. The new album is killer and their relevance grows stronger as they move along. Steel Panther is the balls-out, slap-in-the-face rock the music industry needs. Plus it is impossible to have a bad time at their shows. Kudos to the guys in the band, keep it up.

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