The Dudes & The Zolas @ Club 9one9 – April 18th 2013

I heard something recently as I was listening to the Zone that really resonated with me. The DJ was discussing that rock n’ roll needs to have a sexy edge. As the day went on I kept thinking about this idea, what it meant and decided that I totally agree with it. Now, I am definitely not talking about grinding at the club sexy, I am talking about I want you sexy, Mr. Brightside sexy, Since I’ve Been loving you sexy, the kind of sexy that sets rock music apart from other genres. As I began to think about artists that I love, Elvis Presley, the Strokes, the Chilli Peppers, Zeppelin , I realized that they all have this quality.

As I headed down to 9one9, the venue for the Thursday’s Dudes show, I was stoked to see two bands that have it too.

The Zolas, a local band from Vancouver, who I had seen at Rifflandia in 2011 opened the show. Their unique sound, a combination of Zachary Gray’s falsetto and Tom Dobrzanski’s melodies on the piano, reminded me of why I was so excited to see them again(although I will admit that Zach’s Usher t-shirt did add to my excitement as I am currently addicted to “The Voice”… please don’t judge me).

They played a mix of old stuff from their debut album Tic Toc Tic and new stuff from Ancient Mars which was just released in October. My favourite song from their new album is definitively “Escape Artist” (check it out, it has a sexy heavy beat, although the recorded version does not compare to the live one). They finished their set with this song, which Gray sang from the middle of the crowed dance floor. Amazing. I can’t wait until the Zolas come back. If they are coming to your town definitely go see them.

After a short set change the Dudes came out. And the crowd went wild.

Like I described in my last review, the Dudes have this crazy connection with their Victoria audience. This was really evident on Thursday night. Maybe it is because there are so many Alberta immigrants in Victoria who came out to see the band that hails from Calgary. Maybe its because, like Dan Vacon lead singer of the Dudes said, although he loves Calgary like his girlfriend, Victoria is the girl that he sometimes thinks about when they are gettin it on. Who knows. For whichever reason, the energy of the crowd was amazing. I even heard one concert goer say to his friend “I am just so happy right now”.

The Dudes played all of their classic songs “Tear it up”, “Dropkick Queen of the Weekend”, “Girl Police”, “Do the Right Thing” and one of my new favourites “Rocky Mountain Living”. As I danced, jumped and threw my hands in the air I started to think about that sexy edge again. The Dudes definitely have it. Every time I hear the lyrics “I’m out of my mind, she’s wearin that dress oh my chest hurts” wailing from Vacon I get chills. Stopping frequently to cheers the audience and to receive new beers from the Zola’s drummer, the Dudes played for a solid 2 hours.

The encore included “Saturday Night” and “American Girl”. They also played “Good Times”, where part way through they slipped in the course of “Escape Artist” into the verse of the song.

I left the show so satisfied and excited; looking forward to next year’s annual Dudes’ show.


Photos of The Dudes & The Zolas © Lindsey Blane

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