The Pack A.D. at Club 9ONE9

I was interested in seeing The Pack A.D.’s show, on Thursday night, after I had heard their single Sirens on the Zone, Victoria’s alternative rock radio station. I like the feeling that Sirens has, the power chords, the penetrating drum beat, and the singable woo-whoo’s which collectively make me reach for the volume dial in my car and crank it. This particular song, the soul one that I had heard from the band, feels like the one that was unfortunately cut out of the Scott Pilgram vs. the World sound track and I as I walked towards Club 9one9 I was excited to hear more. However, The Pack A.D. had a different idea in store for me; a hard, fast, screaming Rock n’ Roll sound.

The sound from Becky Black and Maya Miller is a force to be reckoned with. In my opinion, it was the type of sound typically heard from multiple member male rock bands, but was surprisingly extremely well produced by these two women. Move over boys.

Becky, sang lead vocals and played 3 different electric guitars during the set. Her guitars dictated the songs the two played, as Maya explained every time Becky switched.

Maya, who is so rightfully compared to Meg White on the band’s website, had 8 mikes attached to her drum set which allowed for her power beats to fill the club. Together, The Pack A.D. took their sound beyond the power chords and penetrating drum beats I was expecting, although did include the two characteristic, to a new level. Since their last visit to the Victorian the stage during the Rifflandia music festival, the band has released their fourth album.

These girls know how to rock. Becky was often jumping off of the drum set during songs, Maya hit her drums hard stretching each hand into the air after doing so and often the two would switch the speed of the song between the bridge and chorus. The crowd responded to this by forming a large, energetic mosh pit at the front of the stage.

After the last song, the girls made their way to the merch booth to interact with their fans, a courtesy I wish more bands would take for the people who love their music and who support their band. When I started going to shows in high school I expected, maybe naïvely, that musicians would be available for their fans after their shows but since I can probably count on one hand the several times that I have seen it happen. Props Becky and Maya.

I walked away from the show, mind blown and with only one complaint, that it was too short. (when has a band including encore ever finished before midnight during a club show?). I hope that the Zone continues to play the Pack A.D., and starts to feature songs that showcase the intense, pants shaking rock that is experienced during their live show.

If you are interested, Jamie Taylor reviewed The Pack A.D.’s Vancouver show, check it out here – Review | The Pack A.D. at The Rickshaw Theatre.

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