Live Review: The Pack A.D. at The Rickshaw Theatre

The Pack A.D. played to a sold out crowd last night at The Rickshaw Theatre. It was an intense display of gut-pounding, primal expression. By the end of the night I was drenched it sweat, and grinning from ear to ear. All I have to say is bravo ladies, bravo.

When I first walked into the venue, I was greeted by the blasting rhythms of the Pierced Arrows. This Portland punk troupe features Fred Cole, Toody Cole, and Kelly Halliburton. The three-piece pumped up the audience, with their aggressive style and had the house going crazy. It was the perfect setup for the main act.

After a short interlude, two shadowy figures worked their way up on to the stage. Maya Miller, drummer, and Becky Black, vocals/guitar, were standing before us. They made some last minute adjustments to their equipment, and then it was time to get it on. From the word go it was an intense display. Black was completely overtaken by the music, using her entire body to express each individual note. Miller had this calm intensity about her that just seemed to mesmerize you. Her arms were a blur, but her face was completely tranquil. The duo was intoxicating and compliment one another so well.

Throughout the night, I was tossed around in the mosh pit. The audience and the band were locked in this symbiotic ebb and flow. As the band sunk deeper into their set and let the emotional layers peel further back, the concert goers exploded into chaos. Scattered flashes of memories line my brain from the night. At times I would be leaping and bouncing within the mob, and others I would be pushed to the outskirts of the madness just long enough to catch my breath and dive right back in. The Pack A.D. has this fury about them, that puts them par with the upper most levels of the music industry. By the end of the night I was dripping with sweat, most of it my own.

This was part of the Unpersons Tour in support of the duos new album, Unpersons. The album seems to be coming at a time that the band is receiving international attention. The group spent the last part of 2011 touring around Europe, visiting places like France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Despite their ever-growing popularity, the two were humble on stage. Taking time to thank those in attendance. It truly felt intimate, and they felt appreciative.

All in all I was completely blown away by the ladies in The Pack A.D.. They bring something amazing and unique to the stage, truly they are a breath of fresh air. I am glad the world is getting a taste for their take no prisoners attitude. I am proud to say these talented women are from Vancouver. Kudos to you ladies, keep up the beautiful work.

Photos © Jamie Taylor

Owner + Editor In Chief + Concert Photographer

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