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Warpaint @ Rickshaw Theatre – May 4th 2014

Tangerine and peach colours lit up Warpaint at the Rickshaw Theatre in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

Four sassy girls, that are instantly oozing fresh, funk and cool, and you know you want to be them, or like them, just to grind up close to that zesty-ness.

The show was really good. Everything looked wonderful. An overcrowded audience, lots of cute young people watching the band through their iPhone screens, there was even a lighter flame in the back row at one point.

Downside, the show lacked community and much engagement with Warpaint, a lot of people with their little cliques waiting and watching, and the band wasn’t preoccupied with breaking that up for the interim. People were at the show because they already knew, or had some idea of the image behind Warpaint, that being some kind of new wave, wavy, hazy road-trip soundtrack, non-diegetic stuff. The kind of music that would play on par to an alternative gallery opening, or launch party of some kind. Largely, the show was some what slow, it didn’t pick up the beat until they talked very briefly about having travelled to Deep Cove/Vancouver in 2004, pepping everyone up “Hey that’s sick, I know Deep Cove” “Wow 2004? How old are they?” then a few more foggy tunes (I mean that nicely) with the mood lighting like a lava lamp to match.

The band also stated they had written their famed Billie Holiday track in British Columbia, bringing a real sense of ‘I’m home baby’ to the crowd.

Back to my earlier point, those girls are super cool, and you can just tell even from the back of the Rickshaw and with less than 20/20 vision, they are vibing!

The bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg swung back and forth, and side to side all night slappin the bass, it was cool to watch and possibly the only funk any of the band members brought all night, except for the lead vocalist, Emil Kokail’s web-like hands caressing the space on stage, very smooth. The drummer, Stella Mozgawa, was entertaining to watch, smashing out the big beats all night and ending with a 60 second drum solo for the finale. I must mention also Theresa Wayman, without knowing, seemed like the foundational force of the band, the keystone lady. The last 20 minutes of the show were the most pumping, the audience would roar and clap simultaneously for about 30 seconds and then slip back into silent mode a few times, which was exciting while it lasted.

Overall the show was 7/10. It gave you most of the things you expected, really great lighting, awe to gaze, and a good musical performance. Down side, the show was short, but the audience were quick and enthusiastic for an encore.

Everyone piled out of the Rickshaw Theatre, and then we all went on with our daily routines.

The End?

Photos of Warpaint © Pavel Boiko

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