Wax Tailor @ The Rickshaw Theatre – September 26th 2013

When I walked into the Rickshaw Theatre on Thrusday night, I was met with the sweet sounds from the evening’s opening act. Local talent, Spry Bry kept the dark room entertained for nearly an hour with his awesome blend of nu-swing beats. As the theatre began to fill with latecomers, his swing/electronic mix of tunes got the crowd warmed up for the night’s main performance. It was a great way to get the night started.

As his last song continued to play, Spry Bry introduced the main act and the lights went low as Wax Tailor and his two counterparts took the stage. The screen above the stage lit up and the crowd watched as the night’s story began to unfold.

Wax Tailor’s fourth studio album Dusty Rainbow from the Dark tells the story of a young boy and his discovery of the power of music, and as the main protagonist appeared on screen, it was easy to see that we were in for more than just your typical DJ set. As the French trip hop/hip hop producer and DJ began to scratch and mix, the crowd got to their feet to see a master perform, while we essentially watched a movie.

I can’t tell you what songs he played that night Ð most, if not all, were most certainly from his latest release and he was accompanied by a group of players. A cellist, guitarist, and two vocalists helped to bring Wax Tailor’s music to life as animated images filled the theatre to play out our main character’s story. No room was spared at front of the stage as excited fans danced to every beat, while those sitting in the seats throughout the theatre cheered and swayed along with it all.

It was a great show, and the first here in Vancouver for the band, and the Rickshaw could not have been a better venue. It offered an intimacy for everyone in attendance and let us all get close enough to make the whole thing feel like more of an experience than simply watching a DJ spin. I walked away feeling like I’d experienced something magical Ð the Tim Burton-esque visuals accompanied by Wax Tailor’s psychedelic trip hop took us all on an adventure into an enchanted world.

If Wax Tailor comes to your town, go. Aside from bringing with him a wide collection of music that takes you on a winding path of discovery, you’ll walk away feeling elated that you’d been a part of something bigger.

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