Rich Chigga @ Fortune Sound Club – June 29th 2017

Brian Immanuel, better know by his stage name, Rich Chigga, performed an early show at Fortune Sound Club on June 29th, 2017. The all-ages crowd was eager, some dressed up in baby pink polos and fanny packs in honour of the internet star, and everyone pushed up to the very front so that they could get a good shot for social media.

Rich Chigga, a seventeen-year-old rapper and comedian from Indonesia, released his viral single “Dat $tick” in early 2016; a music video that features the then sixteen-year-old performer in a buttoned-up polo and Reebok fanny pack, looking tough in a bourgeoisie-like setting while rapping ironically about how he “[pops] shells for a living” and doesn’t “give a fuck about a mothafuckin’ po.”

With his youth, aloofness, and wit, everyone wants to be Rich Chigga’s friend, and he’s gained approval from both major American rappers and fans worldwide.

The doors for Rich Chigga’s sold-out show opened at 7PM with music beginning at 8PM. For the next two hours, a perfect blend of rap was delivered to the crowd by a DJ but to no avail; they wanted Rich Chigga.

Rich Chigga finally came on just before 10PM, in a bright orange t-shirt, gold chain and sunglasses. He started with his high-tempo track “Back At It” and smoothly delivered all the tracks in his short repertoire including “Who That Be” and “Seventeen,” “Working For It,” and “Bank Roll” while whipping water into the mosh pit and conversing amicably with the crowd between each track.

My only quarrel with him was his punctuality. Two hours of waiting had left the crowd impatient in the hot room. However, as if he had read my mind, he apologized for the wait, explaining how he almost cancelled the show because of issues with his VISA. Not knowing until that morning if he would be able to play his show in Vancouver, as soon as he was accepted to enter Canada, he booked a flight from LAX to YVR and went straight for Fortune Sound Club from the airport.

“All I ask is that you turn up as hard as you can. I want to see some blood out here,” he shouted to the crowd. The next turn-up tracks blasted were crowd favourites “Gospel” and “Dat $tick.”

Like the lifespan of a viral YouTube video, the performance was over in an instant and at 10:15PM he concluded his set. He did, however, reveal that he is working on a new album that is dropping in 2017, hopefully meaning his future sets will be longer.

Rich Chigga definitely has flow and charisma, ideal characteristics in a rapper. The crowd exploded to every track, attendants getting up on tables and seats to take pictures and bounce to the beat. There’s no doubt that fans will continue waiting eagerly in their seats for what’s next for the newfound rap sensation.

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