Rise Against + Descendants + The Menzingers @ Five Point Amphitheater – August 21st 2021

Concerts have started up again, and it could not be any better. It felt great getting back into the photo pit and behind the camera. Coming out of the pandemic, my first step landed me in Irvine, California at the Five Point Amphitheater. A great outdoor venue with stadium seating and for the people who need to jump and dance, the pit. This is the place to go if you want a clear view of the stage from any angle. The show itself started at 7:30pm PST, but arriving early is never bad. The Five Point had multiple booths and easy-ups for drinks, food, and merch. They even had a few food trucks , which was an awesome addition for the grounds. They also had some tables and seating areas for people to relax before the show. Another thing I personally loved was that they had about 10-12 Corn Hole games set up for people to play. However, when the show started the grounds cleared and everyone made their way into the stadium.

To open up the show, we were introduced with The Menzingers. An American punk rock band from Scranton, Pennsylvania, formed in 2006. The band consist of Vocalist/Guitarist Greg Barnett, Vocalist/Guitarist Tom May, Bassist Erin Keen, and Drummer Joe Godino. Now, if you want some fun and outgoing craziness this is the band for you. Immediately they came out full swing into things and opened with America (You’re Freaking Me Out). It was amazing seeing all members getting into their performance, and just overall enjoy themselves on the stage. Everyone in the crowd looked like they were having a great time listening and dancing to their set.

Next we had Descendants. Formed in 1977 from Manhattan Beach, California. In this group we have Vocalist Milo Aukerman, Guitarist Stephen Egerton, Bassist Karl Alvarez, and Drummer Bill Stevenson. These men have been performing their hearts out for many years and they just keep getting better with every year they continue. Milo came out on stage riding a bike and everyone knew at that moment things were about to get crazy. First song was Sailor’s Choice, then it transitioned into Hope. When a band can include the crowd in their performance for every song, it really proves how much they care and appreciate what they do. Descendants is and will forever be a punk rock band that everyone will enjoy.

Lastly, we now have Rise Against. An American rock band from Chicago, formed in 1999. This band consist of Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist Tim McIlrath, Lead Guitarist Zach Blair, Bassist Joe Principe, and Drummer Brandon Barnes. Tim came out on stage and immediately hopped up on top of platform, lights shining behind him just showing his silhouette. The rest of the band then made their way out and the show began. Rise Against opened up with The Numbers, which got the crowd excited and ready for an amazing show. After the first set, the band took a little break and Tim then came out with his acoustic guitar and played two solo songs. The two songs Tim sang were, Forfeit and Swing Life Away. When he finished, the band came back out for a second set. They played five last songs for the crowd before thanking everyone for coming out and to be safe.

To concluded, it was a great way to come back into concerts and I would not have changed a thing. I look forward to more opportunities and experiences with things opening up again.

The Menzingers Setlist:
1. America (You’re Freaking Me Out)
2. House on Fire
3. Good Things
4. The Obituaries
5. Lookers
6. Thick As Thieves
7. I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore
8. After The Party

Descendants Setlist:
1. Sailor’s Choice
2. Hope
3. Merican
4. Bear
5. Rotting Out
6. Growing Up
7. Clean Sheets
8. Coffee Mug
9. Nightage
10. Victim of Me
11. My Dad Sux
12. Nothing With You
13. Like The War
14. Without Love
15. Coolidge
16. Weinerschnitzel
17. Everything Sux
18. Van
19. I Like Food
20. I’m The One
21. Bikeage
22. Thank You
23. Suburban
24. Smile

Rise Against Setlist 1:
1. The Numbers
2. Re-Education (Through Labor)
3. Satellite
4. The Violence
5. Broken Dreams Inc.
6. Audience of One
7. Ready to Fall
8. Nowhere Generation
9. I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore
10. Give It All

Tim Solo:
1. Forfeit
2. Swing Life Away

Rise Against Setlist 2:
1. Make It Stop (September’s Children)
2. Prayer of Refugee
3. Survive
4. Worth Dying For
5. Savior

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