Scissor Sisters; The Beats Still Beating

The gloomy, drab, rainy evening was lit up by the over the top stage presence of the Scissor Sisters last night. Stanley Park’s amphitheater, Malkin Bowl, was a gathering of eager fans and the pouting punums of husbands dragged by their wives. With Sammy Jo and Casey Spooner opening the night, it was smiles and good times had by all, regardless of the leaky clouds above.

Entering the venue it was bare. With only two hours until the main act was to take the stage, their were maybe 30 people on the soaking wet grass. The cool, entrancing beats of Sammy Jo, fueled rhythmic head nodding and hip swaying across the board. After about two straight hours of his sampling rich set, it was time for him to vacate and make way for one half of Fischerspooner.

Casey Spooner took to the stage, looking some what like a cool version of PeeWee Herman. He is a definite drama queen and a bit over the edge. Between each song he would rant about the creation of the album, claiming it was made against his will; sort of. While his other stage presence has him over the top in a plastique, hiptsered, feathered boa kind of way, this show was lacking. The man barely left his two feet square. The lack of effort really killed the mood and slowed down the build up put forth by Sammy Jo. To top that off the music was lacking anything of interest.

To the stage stormed Scissor Sisters, in all their dramatic glory. Admittedly not a huge fan, but the energy this band creates culminates at their live presentations. Its impossible not to get excited when the entire crowd is losing their minds. Jake Shears and Ana Matronic, the joint lead singers are prowling the stage like panthers. Their movement are sleek and stylish and draw in your undivided attention. They truly own the platform and power the audience with a relentless passionate display.

The music is what it should be, dancey, poppy and addictive. Peering around the amphitheater it was clear the dedication of the fanatical Sister lovers. Swaying to and fro like a single amorphic mass, pulsing with radiant harmonious, musical energy. Its actually quite a sight to see, and really felt genuine. The band backing the two leads, are also quite well rounded, the interplay was decent and they were enjoying themselves. Its funny how some bands just dont get how contagious enjoying your own show can spread to your attendees; its a real shame. Scissor Sisters are a perfect example of why its important, made with resounding proof last night.

Overall the show was fun and colorful. The dual singers were always making a spectacle of themselves and really comfortable in their uniqueness. Although the genre is not of interest to this writer, this was a great show. I would say that everyone should enjoy this band live. Scissor Sisters are still relevant and doing better than ever.

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