Shakey Graves @ The Imperial – November 16th 2014

shakey graves review cover

Shakey Graves awed a crowd at the Imperial off Main and Hastings. The folk-rock, singer-songwriter hippie-cowboy opened with a few songs from his early album, Roll the Bones, a choice which riled the crowd, and especially made me want to dance like a freshly-laid grandfather. Alejandro Rose-Garcia, the texas ranger behind Shakey Graves quickly made the entire crowd gitty, mesmerizing us with his showmanship, this maybe on account of him being an actor besides making music. Midway into the show, drummer Boo Radley came out and completely punked the show. It was fun. There was another face whose features charmed us that night, Esme Patterson, whose vocal chords melded with Alejandro’s like butter on toast. It was delightful. Esme also sings for the Denver band, Paper Bird. By the end of the show the crowd had let loose all their country-stomping, western-romping inhibitions on the dance floor, and anywhere else there was room to stand. We were all lucky to see the performance of something soulful and unique to the music that the kids are listening to these days.

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