Shinedown + In This Moment + One Bad Son + 10 Years @ Abbotsford Centre – April 6th 2018

Brent Smith of Shinedown performing at Abbotsford Centre in Abbotsford, BC on April 6th 2018

Friday nights are made for rocking. This Friday saw American rock band Shinedown takeover the Abbotsford Centre in Abbotsford, BC with openers In This Moment, One Bad Son, 10 Years. It was a night of high-energy rock and roll, beautiful theatrics, and overly-excited fans.

First to the stage was 10 Years, an American Metal band out of Knoxville, Tennessee. We’ve been waiting some time, around the greater Vancouver area, for this group to come home through, and they didn’t disappoint. Their set showcased their many talents, including the high-level synchronicity between members and their stellar instrumental and vocal abilities.

Brian Vodinh of 10 Years performing at Abbotsford Centre in Abbotsford, BC on April 6th 2018

Brian Vodinh, the lead singer, was a highlight of the show. He stalked around the stage like a tiger delivering passionate outcries of emotion with his voice. They were a solid, cohesive unit and their display showed their worthiness as future headliners on such a large stage.

Next up, we had One Bad Son, a Canadian rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The lead singer, Shane Volk, had a voice that reminded me so much of Guns N’ Roses lead vocalist Axl Rose. He has that grit to his high-end, pulling through a falsetto that carried above his range.

As a fan of Guns N’ Roses, it made it hard to be without prejudice of this second band.

The band played well together but didn’t interact with one another that much. They felt like four separate musicians making great music but not sharing a ton of comradery. Not to say they aren’t friends, just that they don’t carry that on the stage.

Their lead guitarist, Adam Hicks, is a beast on the axe. He carries himself like a smaller-framed version of Zakk Wylde, hanging his hair over his face and squatting down as he shreds away. He may for an intriguing visual and added a series of tasty licks to each track.

Adam Hicks of One Bad Son performing at Abbotsford Centre in Abbotsford, BC on April 6th 2018

It was then time for the American Metal band from Los Angeles, In This Moment, lead by Maria Brink, Mother herself. This band is simply unreal. Their theatrical set is on point with the Marilyn Manson’s and Rob Zombie’s and Alice Cooper’s of the world. They keep the dramatic choreography, well-planned costumes, and intricate stage design at the highest level the bar has ever been. You don’t even have to enjoy their music to appreciate their performances. It is inline with watching a musical, but darker and about 6.66 times more awesome.

Maria Brink of In This Moment performing at Abbotsford Centre in Abbotsford, BC on April 6th 2018

Their presence is dark and evil, incorporating imagery from various female tropes; witches and nurses and the whore and so on. Maria Brink approaches these personas with a purpose. She takes them back, redefining them as powerful roles, removing their negative or diminutive connotations. Some may see a woman playing dress up, but I see a woman empowering women and, more importantly, girls. Maria is a leader and she has spawned a whole line of followers, training to be strong, take-no-shit people.

The entire set was quite short, as they were not the headliners, but it was jammed packed. They had dry ice canons, fog machines, giant inflatable horns forming a doorway, video projectors, glowing orbs, and the right amount of lights to keep things eerie and thrilling.
Finally, it was time for Shinedown.

In This Moment setlist
River of Fire
Big Bad Wolf
Oh Lord

The stage was cleared of all the previous bands’ accoutrement, leaving the headliners a lot of room to move.

Brent Smith came out and took the reigns right away. He stood front and center, staring proudly out at the screaming fans. The group jumped into The Sound Of Madness, one of their biggest hits and the title track off of their 2008 eponymous release.

The ravenous crowd went ballistic. Within a few seconds, several crowd surfers appeared and a sea of pumping fists rose in the air. The venue became one giant sing along.

Each of the members of this band was equally fun to watch, as they moved around in front of a sea of fast-moving lasers and bellows of stage smoke.

Zach Myers, on lead guitar, remained in constant motion. He was jumping and pumping and running around, how he kept his breath to add backing vocals when needed was beyond me (said the husky man behind the keyboard).

Zach Myers of Shinedown performing at Abbotsford Centre in Abbotford, BC on April 6th 2018

Eric Bass, on bass, was more committed to his post. He stood near his microphone, whipping his head around as he slapped his bass with purpose and precision. He was always smiling and was clearly having a fantastic time.

Barry Kerch, on drums, is just a goddamn beast. He beats those drum with the precision of a machine but with the power of a gorilla. He added drama to his strokes, emoting from his face as he willed his drumsticks to carry the beat to each song.

Mr. Smith, the lead singer, has become a upper tier front person. He commands your attention but he earns it with blood, sweat, and tears. His charisma on stage grabs your attention and has you waiting on his next word. He carried the audience through the night, guiding them to a place of salvation from their everyday.

I was impressed.

The last, and first, time I saw them perform was when they opened for Nickelback at Rogers Arena back in 2013. Since then, they have become headliners. They have found themselves and carved out their own piece of the pie. With a new album on the way, Attention Attention, due out May 4th. things are still climbing for this powerful rock outfit.

If you are in the mood to rock out and have a great time, go see Shinedown. You won’t be disappointed.

Shinedown setlist
Sound of Madness
Cut the Cord
How Did You Love
I’ll Follow You
The Human Radio
State of My Head
If You Only Knew
Second Chance
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)

Photos © Jamie Taylor // Cryptic Photography

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