Snak the Ripper Rockpile SpitfirePhotographs
Spitfire Photographs

Snak the Ripper + Caspian + Jaclyn Gee @ The Rockpile – May 8th 2015

Vancouver rapper Snak the Ripper graced Toronto with his presence
On May 8th at the Rockpile and with him Surrey BC rapper Caspian and newest member Jaclyn Gee to his label Stealth Bomb Records.

I amongst the crowd wondered if Snak was going to show up, with his Twitter saying how sick he was with the flu. I am use to the feature artist coming on stage anywhere between 11 to 1130. Snak was slow coming, he finally hit the stage at 12:30 am.

He had forewarned the crowd how awful he was feeling, but the show must go on, he allowed Caspian to get the audience pumped up, Caspian put on a great stage show fully interacted with the crowd. Then the angelic voice of Jaclyn Gee was a breath of fresh air. Jaclyn is a very talented girl with so much room to grow she can sing and rap, deadly combo.

Snak jumped in strong, fist pumping the crowd and going hard with his snarly growl that his fans have grown to love with His newest hit song off his latest album “Just Giver”. This new album shows that Snak can write some heavy hitters, more depth with some strong lyrical messages. He still has his Graffiti roots but is evolving as an artist.
I felt the compassion and bitter-sweet sadness when he tried to rap “Rest In Peace” and couldn’t finish this song. It is nice to see not just an artist but a human being and showing some emotion. I could tell while photographing him that he was hurting, sweat streaming down his face, and his energy levels were low.

He finished his hour set with the hit song “Yup” and stuck around to meet his fans at no-charge.

I had the pleasure to have a few words with him prior and after the show, and I have to say I am liking the new softer side of Snak, He has a strong fan base and it shows that he appreciates every single fan. He thanked me several times for being there and asked me not to mention him being sick – sorry Snak. With that – like he told me “the show must go on” and he didn’t disappoint his fans.

I enjoyed this show more so knowing he was hurting and still pulled it off without a skip or pause.

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