Musician Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers performing at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC on December 6th 2019

Live Review: The Chainsmokers + 5 Seconds of Summer + Lennon Stella @ Rogers Arena, Vancouver – December 6th 2019

After a 41 night run, The Chainsmokers wrapped up their World War Joy tour in Vancouver with an explosive show at Rogers Arena.

With the house lights still on, a booming bass filled the arena building anticipation in the crowd as the repetition got closer, longer and louder. As the lights dimmed, The Chainsmokers — Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, joined by drummer Matt McGuire, strut on stage with lit up flares before taking their places, counting down  “1, 2, 1, 2, 3 let’s get it!” as the requisite EDM bass drop landed.

Kicking the show off, Taggert took a moment to reminisce about the tour as he invited Lennon Stella to join them on stage for their 2019 collaboration ‘Takeaway’.  Following the guest appearance from the “Nashville” star, the group made way into harder sounding EDM hits. 

Canadian musician Lennon Stella with Musician Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers performing at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC on December 6th 2019

The majority of the show was full of energy from both the crowd and the Chainsmokers as they masterfully transitioned between songs like ‘Push my Luck,’ ‘Sick Boy‘ and ‘Beachhouse‘.  

Mid-set, 5 Seconds of Summer joined the Chainsmokers back on stage for a captivating performance of ‘Who Do You Love’. Less rehearsed and much more organic, the two bands revelled in the moment of being on stage together for the last time. It was likely the best song of the night.

Throughout the night it gave me some delight as I watched Taggert take some stagemanship cues after Chris Martin. It seems that their collaboration on ‘Something Just Like This’ with the Coldplay frontman provided more than just a hit song. As they transitioned into this song, Taggert talked a bit of that songwriting experience, and the crowd got so excited that he had to tell everyone to bring their expectations back to zero — Martin wasn’t going to be joining them. There was a collective moment of disappointment but when the song started that melted away.

The stage theatrics were at a level I never expected. Some of it was cool, helping enhance the experience — like the drum riser growing from the runway for the drum solo, flaming drum sticks included. 

However, other parts like the moment when the caged ball fell to the stage and three motor-bikes did tricks inside felt a bit contrived. It not only didn’t add to the show, it actually took away from it.  You could feel the audience disengage from the music in those two minutes and it took The Chainsmokers a valuable 1.5 songs to get the audience back and engaged. 

Some of the tricks didn’t quite land with the value they were going for. That said, the guys are talented musicians and clearly work hard at making sure the crowd is entertained, both sonically and visually. It was a nonstop lightshow, including some impressively timed pyrotechnics. 

When Australian band 5SOS opened earlier in the night, they had one of the longest opening sets I’ve seen with an impressive 14+ songs. With energetic songs like ‘She Looks So Perfect’ and ‘Youngblood’, they captivated the crowd so well you would have thought this was their show and their audience. I look forward to a headlining tour sometime in the future.

Singer Luke Hemmings and drummer Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds Of Summer performing at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC on December 6th 2019

The 20-year-old, singer from Ontario, Canada started the night off with her indie-pop songs. Her vibe was pretty chill, allowing her voice to speak for itself. Most people would recognize her as ‘Maddie Conrad’ from the t.v. show ‘Nashville’ or from her successful youtube channel “lennonandmaisy”.

Review by Kelli Rothwell


Take Away (w/ Lennon Stella)
Push My Luck
Call You Mine
Don’t Let me Down
Everybody Hates Me
Sick Boy

Who Do You Love (w/ 5SOS)
Beach House
Something Just Like This 
This Feeling
Save Yourself

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