German singer-sonwriter Kim Petras performing "The Clarity Tour" at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC on October 21st 2019

Live Review: “The Clarity Tour” ft. Kim Petras @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver – October 21st 2019

On Monday night, German singer-songwriter Kim Petras took over The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, BC and turned it into a sweaty, sultry dance party.

Ms. Petras originally caught our attention opening for Troye Sivan at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre back in 2018. She delivered a captivating set that left us craving more.

This fateful night, the twenty-something musician kicked off “The Clarity Tour” promoting her debut album Clarity.

Walking about the venue minutes before her set started, the energy just beneath the surface was palpable. Excited concert-goers buzzed about; laughing, drinking, and staring longingly at the stage.

The house lights dimmed and Kim stepped forth.

Raucous, enthusiastic screams roared, shaking the theatre to life.

The set started out with the eponymous track from her debut album. To the surprise of the young singer, most of the attendees sang along to every lyric. She smiled wholeheartedly and seemed taken aback.

Petras was fiery and fierce; serving up choreographed dance moves while belting out studio-worthy vocals. The rising star commanded her sexuality, moving and flaunting her body unapologetically.

I made quick friends with a pocket of young men. They were all dolled up with sparkle-laced makeup painted across their faces and arms. The group danced and sang and joyously hugged each other and those around them.

They were completely infatuated with this singer and for good reason, she was performing for the crowd and not just in front of them. She spoke to the audience between, and even during, songs. She reached out and touched their outstretched hands. She was partying with them and just as excited to be there as those that had pay to see her. It was refreshing to see.

I left the venue happy.

I had been swept away in the magic of it all and as I stepped into the night air, the sharpness of the cold reminded me how sweaty I had just become.

Kim Petras was delightful.

She brought an uninhibited dance party that we all desperately needed.

Thank you to Kim and her team for a stellar night out. Come back soon, you have something special that Vancouver needs much more of.

Kim Petras Setlist:

Clarity (Live debut)
Got My Number
Meet the Parents (Live debut)
Blow It All
I Don’t Want It At All
Hillside Boys
1, 2, 3 dayz up
Unlock It / Click (Charli XCX cover)
Purgatory (Interlude)
There Will Be Blood (Live debut)
Massacre (Live debut)
Wrong Turn (Live debut)
Death By Sex
Close Your Eyes
Knives (intermission)
Everybody Dies (Live debut)
Human (The Killers cover)

Shinin’ (Live debut)
Do Me
Can’t Do Better
Heart To Break
Sweet Spot

Photos © Jamie Taylor // Cryptic Photography

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