Live Review: The Flaming Lips; Own The Stage

The Flaming Lips headlined a stellar show at Stanley Park’s Malkin Bowl last night. Their over the top stage performance had the crowd in complete awe. With wide eyed smiles the band powered through an intense display, setting the bar pretty high for other groups. The overall experience was both breathtaking and inspiring.

Entering the venue, the devastation of the previous evenings terrestrial down pour was obvious. The ground of the entire outdoor location was several inches deep with thick dark mud. Peering around the outdoor gathering, raincoats and umbrellas were the normal accoutrement. It was a definite Northwest, climate, dictated experience

As the mob sat and stared at the stage, Wayne Coyne and crew were busy setting up. It was refreshing to see the dedication of a band that has been around as long as they have. Sure they had roadies doing the heavy lifting, but they were assisting and fine tuning every aspect. It gave the whole show a more down to earth feeling. This quintet definitely puts their all into each and every show.

Mr.Coyne came out and advised that they would continue the show regardless of the weather. He just wanted to make sure that the audience understood there may be a pause in the action if the rain did start to fall. With the setup of the stage out from the cover the amphitheater roof. They would be forced to push back under if that pesky sky did not cooperate.

From the get go the show was mind blowing. The half-circle video screen streamed a video of a woman with her legs spread open. A pulsing light emitting from her elusive womanhood. As the screen started to zoom in a door in the display opened and one by one each of the five band mates emerged. The coup de grâce of the symbolic birth was when Wayne Coyne actually entered his giant clear plastic ball. Seemingly jetting out from her pubic region and guiding his way on to the surface of the audiences out stretched hands.Flailing his body around he crawled his was around the top of audience. Riding them like a wave. It was a thing of pure genius to observe.

Next up was the abundant dumping of festive streamers and giant colorful balloons. The staggering volume of inflated rubber rained over the assembly, coating them in a symbolic unifying rainbow. The lead singer, Coyne, used some sort of special pump device and shot forth paper confetti into the air. Everything was vibrant and rich, and stimulated every aspect of your senses. The toothy grins of the fanatical mass, amply expressed the thrill they each were experiencing.

The vocals and instrumentals were powerful and the actions of the singer were passionate. By the third song in they jumped into their hugely popular She Don’t Use Jelly which had the entire amphitheater swaying in a true sense of oneness. Sir Wayne’s embellishment of each emotion conveyed is dedicated and personal. You truly feel a connection to this band. Their dedication and fan appreciation is honorable.

During the performance their were many oddities to pick out. Be it from the groups of fans invited to the stage, dressed in all matching, orange clothing, leaping around with the beat to the man in bear costume who came on stage a danced around while the honorable Coyne sat perched firmly on his shoulders; it’s all astounding. The Flaming Lip are the owners of the live stage, no band does it better.

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