The Internet @ Alexander Gastown – October 31st 2015

The Internet - Syd tha Kyd at Alexander Gastown 2015

Hoards of festive people in costume filled the venue for The Internet’s sold-out Vancouver show on Halloween night. Touring their new record Ego Death, The Internet – comprised of Odd Future members Syd tha Kid, Matt Martians, & co – played a dreamy, funky set of old and new tracks, mixing the genres of soul, R’n’B, and jazz into their unique vibe.

Moments before their set began, band members took position and awaited the entrance of The Internet’s singer, Syd the Kid. The crowd went wild when Syd walked in, grinning and somehow coy and tough in the same breath, and started off with a single from the newest record, “Get Away.” Everyone was captivated, the majority of the audience knew every word and sang along. Syd fed off their enthusiasm and powered through some older songs, talking to the crowd between each track. She complimented those in costume, shyly apologizing for forgetting to dress up. Patrick Paige II stood a few feet behind her wearing a weird hat and fluorescent jacket – “He’s dressed as ‘the future,’” Syd joked.

Syd let the crowd participate in all the hit songs, enlisting their help for the “You f*cked up” line of “Just Sayin/I Tried,” where fans willingly shouted along as loud as they could, waving their arms. When Jameel Bruner took off on a psychedelic, spacey solo on the synth the crowd was in awe. Patrick Paige II did his own jazzy solo on guitar while Christopher Smith killed it on the drums, making The Internet’s performance come alive with the memory of funk and soul bands of the 60s. They are just so good: the Vancouver audience (a city known for its stiff crowds) was jumping up and down in unison as the band wrapped up their set with “Dontcha” from their 2013 album Feel Good.

Six fiercely talented musicians claiming a unique space in music today, The Internet is different than projects from others in the OFWGKTA crew. If you haven’t yet encountered this smooth, unique soul band, it’s time to give their newest (and, in my opinion, best) album Ego Death a listen. Melodic, mellow, and uniquely complicated, this badass group is totally killing it.

The Internet @ Alexander Gastown – October 31st 2015

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