The Lumineers + SOAK. @ Deer Lake Park – June 1st 2016

The Lumineers @ Deer Lake Park - June 1st 2016

The huddled masses started the night by cozying up to stay warm, but ended up dancing the night away under the falling rain.

Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, BC played host to Denver-based folk rockers The Lumineers and Irish singer-songwriter SOAK.

The show was sold out, but walking around the venue beforehand the actual turn out seemed a little lackluster. The clear reason for the low attendance was the torrential downpour that was saturating everything in sight.

Walking up to the stage, the ground was soft and malleable.

The first act to the stage was Bridie Monds-Watson, aka SOAK, a singer & songwriter from Derry in Northern Ireland.

SOAK. @ Deer Lake Park - June 1st 2016

SOAK. @ Deer Lake Park – June 1st 2016

She introduced her band, and joked how appropriate their name was on such a rainy day.

Their set was playful and upbeat, it didn’t take long for the crowds worries to melt away . Looking around, an amalgamated shell of umbrellas coated the audience, defending them from the constant drips.

Beneath that waterproof crust were the tapping of toes, and swinging of hips. When SOAK brings out those contagious lyrics and hauntingly vulnerable vocals, it is near impossible to not just get swept away in it all.

Take a peek at our little Instagram video from their set.

SOAK appropriately performing while the skies dump rain at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby….. ? @cryptic_photos

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Highlight of the set was when they performed Sea Creatures, and the rain seemed to slow. A little crack formed in the clouds and the sun said hello for a brief minute. A truly special moment of the night.

During the time between bands, the venue started to swell with people. The rain fall had lightened, and the people were arriving.

The band sauntered on to the stage, led by their main vocalist Wesley Schultz.

The Lumineers @ Deer Lake Park - June 1st 2016

The Lumineers @ Deer Lake Park – June 1st 2016

After a few pleasantries and laughs, they rolled into their set with opening track Sleep On the Floor. The audience joined in and one big sing song formed.

The rain fluctuated through the night, but it no longer affected the crowd.

People were dancing around, and shouting out the lyrics with big grins on their faces.

There is something about The Lumineers and their brand of heartfelt, salt-of-the-earth music they put forth. It is touching and humble, but powerful and relateable.

Take a peek at a fan-shot video of Ophelia being performed on that fateful night.

By the end of the set, people were cheering and begging for more.

The Lumineers came, they gave it their all, and then they faded from the stage. Under the darkness of night, the rain was once again noticeable. Not that it ever stopped, but the band freed it from our thoughts for a brief moment.

Thank you to The Lumineers and to SOAK for great sets. We look forward to the next time you return.

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